The Three Worst Range Weapons You Should Probably Avoid Using

There are different types of guns one can use. Different manufacturers all over the world create different gun models and types, and it’s up to you to get whatever looks good in terms of its size and performance.  While we always think about what the best gun to use is, have you ever wondered about […]

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  • October 2, 2017

Major Hollywood Misconceptions on Shootouts

I’m sure you’ve watched a ton of Hollywood movies that involve a lot of guns and shooting. Because of that, you’ve got a lot of ideas and scenarios in mind that involve a lot of awesome adventures and danger.  But did you know that what you see on the television and cinemas may not actually […]

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  • October 1, 2017

Six Mind-Blowing Facts about Snipers

Snipers are one of the most skilled shooters all over the world. You may have seen them in Hollywood movies, video games, the military, or even when hunting and professional shooting. That’s because of their efficient shooting and the fact that they have a wide range and power that can kill and target game from […]

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  • Updated October 1, 2017