Best AR Cleaning Tool

Do you own an AR rifle? How difficult is it to clean without the right tools? And are you searching for the best ar cleaning tool for flawless work? Well, if that’s the case then we’ve got you covered! 

In this review, we’ve prepared the best tools available on the market. We spend hours researching the items to narrow down to the 8 most popular tools for your gun cleaning. We’ve also provided a buying guide to make your purchase easier. Continue reading to see what each tool has to offer.

Review of the Best AR Cleaning Tools

1. Best overall – Gerber eFECT Weapons Maintenance Tool [30-000030]

[amazon box=”B001PTGOQ4″]

When you think about cleaning your AR rifle, you need to have the Gerber eFECT Weapons Maintenance Tool [30-000030]. The tool came top on our list because of the crucial features incorporated in the manufacturing princess.

At 0.4 oz., this tool is lightweight for portability. This makes it suitable for use while on the move. You can clean even the hidden parts of your gun and make it effective when in use. The durable tool features a heavy-duty carbon and bore scraper. This makes it long-lasting and steady when in use.

The tool has a Compact size with a molle sheath, so you’ll find it easy to hold in your hands and use it for a longer period.

Finally, this tool is suitable for your outdoor fun and will work well when you are set to maintain your gun before and after shooting.


  • Made from quality materials hence durable
  • Versatile for your rifles cleaning
  • Easy to use and store
  • Compact design to fit in your hands when cleaning


  • It is not easy to use


Finally, the Gerber eFECT Weapon Maintenance Tool [30-000030] is a great deal if you are on a budget but still want a tool that will meet and even exceed your needs.

2. Best affordable – Hoppe’s Phosphor Bronze 5.56mm/.223cal AR Rifle Chamber Brush

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It is not easy to hop and get a high-quality brush for cleaning your AR gun. We included this tried and tested set of brush on our lists because it has the best service and boasts a great quality construction.

The brushes are versatile and fits the AR-15 chambers in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO rifles. The brush design is exceptional and cleans all the nooks and crannies of an AR-15 chamber. This leaves you with a gun perfect for your outdoor mission.

Lastly, the other crucial features of the three brushes include the; Double diameter chamber cleaning brush, stout bristles for efficient cleaning, and the stainless steel components for long-term use.


  • Durable construction for extended use
  • Comes in a set of three brushes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Features the strongest brush section to remove hard dirt


  • Chamber part of the brush is a little thin


Overall, the Hoppe’s Phosphor Bronze 5.56mm/.223cal AR Rifle Chamber Brush is a set of three, so you have enough for your task. Better still, it is cost-effective.

3. Best with most brushes – SE Gun Cleaning Set with 3 Brushes 

[amazon box=”B009HD0R86″]

The SE Gun Cleaning Set has 3 brushes to make your cleaning quick and easier. It is a 5-piece gun cleaning brush set that includes a double-ended brass brush, double-ended copper brush, double-ended nylon brush, and double-ended picks. All these play significant roles when it comes to your whole gun cleaning.

The brushes offer versatile cleaning capabilities, and they beat even the more expensive brand on the market. The different tip styles and different brush materials make it perfect for cleaning different parts of your rifle.

Finally, the set is excellent and offers the right services for your gun cleaning needs.


  • Comes as a set of 3 brushes for exceptional cleaning
  • The brushes come from different materials; hence durable
  • It is easy to use the brushes for a variety of rifles other than AR.
  • Cost-effective despite the best features


  • The picks on the brushes are unusable


Finally, when you want a high-quality brush for your gun clean, you can get the SE Gun Cleaning Set with 3 Brushes and 2 Double-Ended Picks – 7624BC-5. It is versatile and cost-effective.

4. Best value – Altraco 10 Pack | 223 Caliber Chamber Brush 

[amazon box=”B085885PS9″]

When you are looking for value, a 10-pack cleaning tool will be perfect. We included this brush set on our list to help you clean your gun for an extended period.

The brushes feature high-quality construction without overpricing. This makes them affordable and popular among gun enthusiasts.

The brushes fit most of the cleaning chambers and hence, unusual when selecting great brushes for gun cleaning.


  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • Easy to use on a variety of guns
  • 10 pack hence great value for money
  • The brushes fit standard cleaning rods


  • It takes time to set them up for use


Overall the Altraco 10 Pack | 223 Caliber Chamber Brush is cost-effective. It also plays a massive role in your cleaning. Try the brushes and let us know how they worked for you.

5. Easy to use – CAT Outdoors Barrel Scraping Tool

[amazon box=”B0095JTITG”]

Your most needed scraping tool is now ready for your air rifle. The tool is easy to use and saves your time. It is made from high-quality stainless steel. This makes it perfect for all weather conditions.

When you are set for quick cleaning, this tool easily removes carbon build-up from the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin flange. This leaves your gun clean and durable.

The tool is also safe thanks to the US high-quality standards. You’ll find it quick and effective when closing your gun.

Finally, the tool is compact and easy to store after use.


  • Made from high-quality steel for durability
  • Exceptional for all weather conditions
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Provides a quick and effective way to clean


  • It is a bit too loose when inserted into the bold chamber.


Finally, the CAT Outdoors Barrel Scraping Tool is a small tool that you’ll carry with you for use everywhere. It is also easy to use and cost-effective. When you are looking for a tool that simplifies your gun cleaning process, this is the right thing.

6. The best quick – Real Avid Carbon Scraper Large

[amazon box=”B01NCL5RE7″]

The Real Avid Carbon Scraper Large is designed to clean the essential components of your AR gun. It is a multifunctional type that works well when you are cleaning your guns. The tool cycles smoothly and eliminates the dangerous cycles witnessed in other tools.

It accesses the most difficult areas to clean and scrubs away carbon surfaces much easier. This process is faster and easier. It also has intuitive profiles for stress-free use.

 The tool is very small, lightweight hence portable. Regardless of your location, you can still use it and store it safely.


  • It is versatile for a variety of guns other than the AR
  • Very fast and stress-free to use
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Intuitive profiles are easy to use


  • Can easily get lost due to the small design


Finally, the cleaning tool you’ll need for unusual outcomes is the Real Avid Carbon Scraper Large. It is fast and effective. You’ll like the small design for portability and easy storage.

7. Best multi-tool – Otis Technology The B.O.N.E

[amazon box=”B00BCKOKD0″]

Do you want to scrub away carbon and fouling? Well, you’ll need the Otis Technology The B.O.N.E tool. This is a multitool designed to work wonders on your AR rifle. It measures 4.36 x 5 x 0.87 inches hence transportable and also easy to store.

The tool includes an 8-32 threaded hole to act as a T-handle. This makes your work easier and quicker. Also, the thread T-handle improves versatility.

It is made in the USA, where quality standards are excellent. They believe that a firearm should shoot like new, which is why the clean with this tool is unmatched.


  • Durable construction for long term use
  • Versatile for extensive use
  • Quick and stress-free for use
  • It is a multitool for versatile use


  • Not perfect on cleaning curves


Finally, Otis Technology The B.O.N.E is one of the few on the market with exceptional cleaning outcomes. It scraps carbon and leaves your gun like new for amazing shooting. Get it at affordable prices and see the value.

8. Best Versatile – Real Avid Gun Tool CORE

[amazon box=”B08563RFGS”]

Finally, we have the Real Avid Gun Tool CORE multitool. It is very sturdy and beats the competitors in the same bracket. The tool is versatile and great value for your investment.

It measures 5.7 x 9.76 x 0.6 inches and weighs 7.6 oz. This makes it portable to your preferred locations. You can use it regardless of your area of cleaning.

It has bold and BCG to keep cycling smoothly and prevent jams. The design is also exceptional and hence good for easy holding for an extended time.


  • Versatile for your needs
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Has the bold and BCG to keep cycling smoothly and prevent jams
  • Easy to store and carry to your locations


  • It is a bit costly


Overall, the Real Avid Gun Tool CORE is one of the few units on the market with versatility for your gun cleaning tasks. It is easy to store and carry to your preferred locations. Try it out to see the outcomes.

How to Choose the Best AR Cleaning Tool

To find the Best AR cleaning tool that is appropriate for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is the tool versatile for all your gun needs?
  • Is it easy to use for your cleaning routine?
  • Is the tool durable?

Now that you have the questions at the back of your mind, here is another list of the crucial things you need to consider when making the purchase for easy cleaning.

Quality of the tool

Make sure the tool you select has the best quality. This requires you to pay attention to the manufacturing process. You need high-quality materials to last you longer and make your work easier. When you purchase the best quality, you are safeguarding your money. Luckily, the tools we’ve shared in this review all have the best quality. The only task you java is to pick the one you found the best.

The brand

You want to work with a popular brand, right? Well, you’ll need to check online for the tools that come from reputable brands. Remember, the modern market has lookalike tools that can confuse you. Visit the manufacturer’s website and also the lions we’ve provided for information about the brand. With this, you’ll never go wrong when purchasing the cleaning tool.

Portability and versatility

How easy is it to carry the tool from one place to the other? You’ll need a tool that is lightweight but sturdy. This ensures you carry it with you wherever you go. Cleaning your gun becomes easier.

Also, the tool should be versatile not only to the AR rifles but also to other models for additional use.

Ease of use

Do not take the most complicated tool for cleaning the gun. You need to enjoy the whole process of cleaning. Grab the tool that is straightforward to use when cleaning. This will make your work easier and enjoyable. Or get the manual in case the tool is complex for use.


Check through your budget and choose the tool that fits in the budget. It is not nice to buy an overpriced unit when the market has plenty of affordable gun cleaning tools. We’ve shared with you the top affordable tools wot the right features for clearing. This will make your purchase fast and easier.

The warranty

 How does your manufacturer protect your tool? Before you make the purchase, find out if the manufacturer offers a warranty. This is the only assurance that you can get a replacement or advice on how to handle it when the tool brakes dome. Check the warranty details. If not available, find out from the manufacturer’s website. A warranty allows you to buy the tools with confidence.


Now that you have all the information regarding the AR cleaning tools, you can go ahead and make an informed buying decision. Luckily, we’ve shared with you the buying guide and the most sought after products on the market. You can now pick the car cleaning tool you liked most and try it out for exceptional outcomes.

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