Best Gifts for Gun Owners this Holiday Season

Most of us have gun owner in our life. Sometimes they just own a gun, and that’s the end of story. Other times, however, they are obsessed with their gun. It’s all they can talk about, and they seem to have very little interest in something that isn’t related to their gun.

So, it’s natural to want to buy them something that has to do with their gun (or guns) this holiday season, since you know that it’s something they will love. But if you’re not a gun lover yourself, you might not know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list to get the ideas flowing.

Get them shooting classes

Someone who owns a gun and is obsessed with it will probably already know how to shoot it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy them shooting classes. There’s always room for improvement, and they might even be interested in learning how to shoot with different guns, so you can use that to your advantage by getting them concealed carry classes.

Most gun owners want to improve some aspect of their shooting. Maybe they struggle to hit targets. Maybe they can’t hit a target at a distance, or they struggle with hitting a moving target. Do some investigating to find out what the case is, and then see if you can get them a class that specializes in that.

A gun cleaning kit

If someone really loves their firearm, they’ll probably want to keep it in top condition. While you can get away with using normal household items to clean a gun, if you really want to go the extra mile you can get them a gun cleaning kit.

This will probably keep them busy for hours as they clean their gun and keep it looking shiny, new, and brilliant.

Proper protection

Proper protection is vital when someone is shooting a firearm on a regular basis, but often gun owners won’t actually buy it for themselves, because they’d rather spend their money on gadgets for their gun.

That’s where you come in. You can buy them ear protection gear, which ticks two boxes – it’s a practical present that they can actually use, and it will help protect their eardrums from the damage caused by repeatedly shooting a gun.


This one is a bit out there, but if someone loves shooting in real life, they’ll probably enjoy shooting in video games as well. Especially now that a lot of shooting ranges are closed due to the pandemic, this might help them if they are really missing the feeling of shooting.

Of course, it won’t be anything like the actual thing, but the logistics work the same. There are first person shooter games for nearly all devices, including Apple and Android phones, Windows computers or laptops, Xboxes, and all of the PlayStations.

Transport case

While they might prefer to keep their gun on them at all times, it can be tedious and uncomfortable during certain situations, such as travelling long distances. A decent padded transport case is a great addition for any gun owner.

Make sure that it’s sturdy and big enough for their firearm. You can even get one with a lock on it if they are worried about their gun being stolen.


Ammo is something that every gun owner needs, and most will agree that you can never have too much of it. It may seem like a boring gift, but trust me, they’ll appreciate it. If they are regularly shooting their gun, they’ll probably end up going through ammunition quickly and it might be a pretty costly expense, so they’ll be thankful to have some stock. Make sure to get the right type of ammunition for their firearm.

A target

If they have a very big backyard and a gun that they can practice shooting with, you might want to get them their own target. Shooting cans in a backyard is the typical way of at home practice, but a proper target will probably improve their skills more efficiently.

You can order a custom target if you want the gift to be more personal, or even make one yourself if you’re the more creative type.

Get them an entry ticket for a shooting or hunting range

On the off chance that shooting and hunting ranges in your area do happen to be open, paying for their entry might be a great way of gifting them an experience rather than a product. Most people who own guns like to head out to a shooting range every now and then to fire off a few rounds. This helps them relax and keep their shooting skills up to date if it’s not something they do regularly.

Many shooters also enjoy hunting, so getting them entry to a hunting range might be a fun experience for them. Try to find out whether they enjoy hunting before you make the purchase, since you don’t want your present to go to waste.

Novelty gifts

If you’re looking more for a fun gift than a practical one, you have loads of options. If you’re buying for a gun lover, they’ll probably be happy with any product that features a gun in some way. You can get them a mug that has a gun for a handle.

You can get them clothes with guns on, stationery with guns on . . . You can really find almost any product in a design containing guns. If you’re looking for a classier gift, consider getting them cufflinks that look like bullets.


Gun owners who don’t use their guns very often might worry about what to do with them during the periods where they aren’t needed. You can help with that. This might be a costlier option, so it’s best to use it for close friends or family.

You have a few options here – you can have a gun safe installed for the, or you can rent out a storage unit for a certain amount of time, until they’ve found a more permanent solution.

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