Best Gun Cleaning Box

Are you into guns? And does your gun need a lot of cleaning? If you answered yes to the questions, then you are in the right place. We’ve sampled the 10 best gun cleaning boxes for you to make an informed purchase.

We have also included a detailed buying guide for all the things you’ll need to factor into your purchase. Move with us as we explore the available gun cleaning boxes and what each box has to offer you.

Reviews of the Best Gun Cleaning Box

1. Overall best – Outers 70084 25 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Box

[amazon box=”B000K7H51K”]

Our first gun cleaning box is Outers 70084 25. It is a universal wood cleaning unit designed for all your gun types. This makes it perfect and a great value for your investment. The majority of the construction features wood for long term use.

The box is classy and very attractive, thanks to the aged-oak finished wood construction. Additionally, it is lightweight and hence portable. It is spacious for easy selection of your cleaning tools.

Additionally, this gun box has a table base and will sit right when cleaning your gun. This makes it easy to access your tools faster.


  • Made from high-quality Oakwood for durability
  • Universal box for your large guns
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Cost-effective when compared to the competitors


  • The base box is too light for hard cleaning


Overall, the Outers 70084 25 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest is a cost-effective box you will like when you are set to clean your guns.

2. Best moisture-free – Gerstner International GI-T24 Red Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest

[amazon box=”B076H7WGWG”]

If you like the American test, then the classic American style chest is here for you. We included the Gerstner International GI-T24 on our list because it is durable.

First, it comes from high-quality oak wood. This makes it classy and very attractive. Alos, the wood construction means durability and hence great value for incitement.

The gun box is exceptional for storing your tools and realizing moisture-free storage. This keeps everything away from rusting or corroding.

Finally, the box measures 24″ wide x 10″ deep (front to back) x 15-7/8″ tall. This makes it versatile for your storage.


  • Durable oak wood construction
  • Classy appearance
  • Versatile for storage
  • Easy to access the tools for cleaning


  • When the lid is closed, the 2 top drawers won’t close.


Generally, the Gerstner International GI-T24 Red Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest is unique in quality and alos storage design.

3.Quick access – Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning box

[amazon box=”B00I81LC5A”]

The Allen Company is known for producing high-quality gun gear. We couldn’t afford to miss it on our list. This is a complete professional cleaning kit in a toolbox. 

This ensures safety when storing your items. Alos, it promotes quick access to the tools when you need quick cleaning.

This box is spacious and secure thanks to the 15″ x 10″ x 8. 75″ toolbox with dual latches. It is also lightweight and portable to your preferred destinations.

Finally, this spacious kit has the best features but still affordable.


  • Universal for your guns
  • The kit comes with ample storage for all your tools
  • The box has a handle for easy carrying
  • Stable base for easy use and safe for the liquids
  • Cost-effective


  • The rods are only 30 inches and not suitable for plenty of rifles and guns


Finally, the Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit is a reliable type that will meet and even exceed your expectations. 

4. Water resistant – Plano 1612 Deep Field Box

[amazon box=”B00KJNJB76″]

Have you ever shopped for a gun cleaning box and regretted the purchase? We included this unit on our list to eliminate the second-guessing when buying a box. The Plano 1612 Deep Water Resistant Field Box is ideal for your large firearms since it is spacious for adequate storage.

Unlike other boxes in the market that feature low quality built, this one is exceptional as it crafts from high-quality plastic to last you longer. It measures 14 x 9 x 7 inches and weighs approximately 1.7 pounds. 

Additional features include the brass-bailed latch closure and water-resistant O-ring seal. You can use it everywhere, regardless of the weather conditions.

Finally, the box has an extra heavy-duty handle so you can carry it stress-free to your cleaning location.


  • Large to accommodate the tools
  • Locks well for secure use
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Has an extra heavy-duty handle for portability


  • This is a plastic constructed unit, and we don’t expect it to last for ages


Finally, the Plano 1612 Deep Water Resistant Field Box is large and cost-effective. Buying it is a plus for easy gun cleaning.

5. Best with parts organizer – Outers 70080 Universal Wood Box (70080)

[amazon box=”B000NJY95U”]

When you are looking for a universal wood box, you need to check the Outers 70080 Kit. It is a latched unit and hence perfect for secure storage of all your gun cleaning tools. 

It features a customized parts organizer. This allows you ease of access to the required cleaning tool hence saving time.

It is made from high-quality, attractive oak wood. This means durability and class. The box hosts 32 pc tools for easy cleaning. The 3 solid brass rods are ideal for 17-270-cal rifles and pistols. It also has mops and brushes for wide cleaning needs.


  • Durable oak wood construction
  • Spacious for storing all your cleaning tools
  • Has 32 tools for cleaning the guns
  • Features custom parts organizer for easy access to the tools


  • The inside features low-quality materials construction


Overall, the Outers 70080 Kit, 32 pc Universal Wood Box (70080) is a box currently on demand. You can pick it today and try out for exceptional cleaning power.

6. Best Universal – US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel

[amazon box=”B00OTZW578″]

When you searched for the best gun cleaning box, but it turned out unsuccessful, manufactures were busy creating the Gunmaster Wooden Toolbox 17 Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. 

The classic version of a traditional artist’s toolbox looks perfect and will add decor to your storage room. It is lightweight but sturdy thanks to the high-quality beechwood wood construction with a metal handle for durability.

The box measures 14-5/8″Wide x 5-1/8″Deep x 5″Tall, which is adequate for all your cleaning tools. The thin profile also makes it simple to move from everywhere.


  • It is a lightweight and convenient size
  • Made from high-quality solid wood for durability
  • Has a sturdy leather handle for safe carrying
  • Versatile for your storage and portability duties


  • Too small for your tools


Finally, this US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel comes from high-quality materials construction that meets the US’s safety requirements.

7. Best lightweight – Outers 28-pc Uni Gun Wd Clean Box

[amazon box=”B000U416T0″]

When you are looking for a gun box made of the highest quality materials, think about the Outers 28-pc Uni Gun Wd Clean Box. It features the aged-oak finished wood construction. This makes it durable and classic for an attractive look.

It is packed with Universal components to cover cleaning duties, and also the box works for a diversity of firearms. This makes it exceptional for cleaning your guns.

The box components comprise the strong, solid brass rods with high-quality tips, mops, and brushes. This meets and even exceeds your gun cleaning needs.

You’ll also experience the best-organized access to your tools thanks to the custom parts organizers. The base is also flat and wide, making it stable when you want to use the tools. 

Finally, this box weighs 15 pounds and hence portable for use everywhere.


  • Has the tools perfect for cleaning your guns
  • It is a universal type
  • Made from high-quality oak wood for durability
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Some of the components in the kit are cheaply constructed


Finally, this Outers 28-pc Uni Gun Wd Clean Box is perfect if you want a gun safe that costs fairly and durable for your needs.

8. Best portable – Win DLX Univ Clng Kit 42Pc Wood Case

[amazon box=”B002WHV37S”]

Another wooden box that you’ll find effective for your storage is the Win DLX Univ Clng Kit 42Pc. It is perfect for storage and also exceptional when it comes to portability. This thing is lightweight and easy to use.

The wood used in the construction is a long-lasting type that will take you through the test of time. This explains why the box is a great value for money.

The box measures 29.972 L X 20.32 W X 4.826 H, which stores up to 42 pieces of cleaning gear for your gun. This means you’ll not go for extra tools since every basic tool is included in the package.

This box is super lightweight, and at 1.0 pounds, you’ll carry it everywhere and clean your guns anytime. This is the kind of convenience gun holders yearn for.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Spacious for 42 pc of cleaning gear
  • Made from high-quality wood for long-lasting use
  • Has organized chambers for easy packing.
  • Cost-effective


  • Not the highest quality 


Finally, the Win DLX Univ Clng Kit 42Pc Wood Case is cost-effective and perfect if you are looking for a classy box for your closing needs.

9. Best with roomy space – OtterBox 3250 Series USA Drybox 3250 Series

[amazon box=”B00Z7SWZYE”]

The US-made box will last you longer and keep your gun cleaning tools safe and easy to access. We include this box on our list because it is a less complex type of usage. 

The open space allows you to organize your tools for easy access. You can also create custom made organizers in the space.

The box is waterproof for 30 minutes, making it perfect for storing the gun cleaning tools for over 30 minutes. This allows you to rescue the package in case of water access.

The main construction materials are tough Polycarbonate. It is complemented with the stainless-steel hinge and latch pins. This means durability and ease of access when you want the cleaning tools.


  • Waterproof for 30 minutes
  • Made of tough Polycarbonate
  • Spacious for storage
  • Interior foam for added protection


  • Cracks and chips along with the swivel on the back


Overall, the OtterBox 3250 Series USA Drybox 3250 Series is durable and perfect for your gun cleaning needs.

10. Best sturdy – US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel, Pen, Marker Storage Box

[amazon box=”B00OTZW56Y”]

When you think about the best cleaning box, a classic version of the traditional artist’s toolbox is perfect. This is why we include the US Art Supply Artist Wood Paste

It has eight separate and removable storage dividers for versatility. The wood construction makes the box durable for long term use. Additionally, this box is lightweight and hence easy to carry from one place to the other.

It features 2 locking clasps to keep supplies secure. This makes the box secure for all your cleaning tools. The box has customizable compartments with slots for easy storage.


  • Made from quality wood for durability
  • Has a customizable compartment for storage
  • Large-sized unit for ample storage
  • Features 2 locking clasps to keep supplies secure


  • It is a bit heavier 


Finally, you will like this US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel, Pen, Marker Storage Box since it is large to store more cleaning tools.

Considerations Before You Buy the Best Gun Cleaning Box

To find the best gun cleaning box that is appropriate for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is the box spacious for ensign storage?
  • Is it easy to access your cleaning elements?
  • Does it have the best quality construction for durability?

Now that you have the questions in your mind, let’s see the top things you need to consider before buying your next gun cleaning box.

Brand and quality

The two are crucial when you are selecting your ideal box for gun cleaning. The brand means you believe in what the manufacturers make. A good brand uses the best materials to craft a long-lasting box for gun cleaning.

Size of the Box

Do you have large guns? Well, you need the large cleaning apparatus stored in a large box. If you have small guns, then your small cleaning apparatus will need minimal storage space. Choose the right size of a box that will serve you diligently and buy it.

Additionally, ensure the available compartments are adequate to store all your tools for cleaning the guns. The compartments should have the right size for secure storage of your items and easy access when you are in a hurry.


Finally, we come to the end of our review. We are certain that you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase when you want the best gun cleaning box. In a hurry? Save time and jump straight to the recommended products in this review.

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