Best Gun Cleaning Mat

Are you worried about the gun cleaning routine? Do you have the right gun mat for the task? Well, you need the mat to safeguard your cleaning surface and also protect the gun parts from getting lost.

In this review, we’ve rounded up the best gun cleaning mats on the market. We invested time while researching the best to ensure that you will get the value for money. Also, we’ve incorporated a buying guide to help you make the right buying decision,

Follow through as we explore in detail about the best gun cleaning mats on the market and what they can do for your gun care routine.

Review of the Best Gun Cleaning Mats

1. Best Overall – Twod 36″ x12 Cleaning Mat

[amazon box=”B07GGSZLSX”]

Are you looking for a very thick and durable cleaning mat? Look no further since the Twod claiming mat is designed for your gun cleaning demands. It is perfect for assembling and disassembling the gun for easy cleaning.

The mat is marked with different parts so that you won’t forget the gun parts when you are assembling. This makes your work easier. It is also made with rubber to guarantee you have a non-slip surface when in use. Everything stays in place.

The mat arrives with a cleaning kit which saves you from extra costs. Moreover, the mat is waterproof and features nice stitching around the edge which makes it durable.

Finally, this mat comes with a one year warranty.


  • Has a large protective surface for easy cleaning
  • Features all the necessary cleaning supplies
  • Offers easy part identification when disassembled
  • It is waterproof, oil resistant and washable


  • Would be perfect when it as extra large


Overall, the Twod 36″ x12 Cleaning Mat is a mat that will see you assemble and disassemble your gun easily.

2. Best budget – GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat

[amazon box=”B07V3QWSQD”]

If you love superior standard mats, then this double thickness mat will meet all your gun cleaning demands. It is a 12×36 inches type and hence p[erfce for shotguns and rifles. The thickness means a good pressure resistance which protects your gun accessories.

It is waterproof and oil proof, so when you are done with cleansing your gun, simply wipe the mat and gain the new mat for your next task. Additionally, the mat has a clear print of a gun diagram with all the parts indicated; this ensures you don’t leave any part out during assembling after cleaning.

About the construction, this gun comes from the anti-slippery and environmental materials which promote longevity and reliability.


  • Has a large protective surface for easy cleaning
  • Waterproof and oil-proof hence easy to clean
  • Has the gun diagram for easy assembling
  • Large for your gun cleaning


  • It is costly


Overall, this GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat is a gun cleaning mat that will look new even after several cleaning routines. Try it out for exceptional outcomes.

3. Best Premium – Drymate Gun Cleaning Mat

[amazon box=”B07LCRTBJH”]

You can now get the premium gun cleaning experience when you have this Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad. The pad is 16×20 inches and large to meet your cleaning needs. The mat is smooth and protects the surfaces from scratches and spills when cleaning the gun.

It features an absorbent surface and waterproof backing. This absorbs and also contains liquids from the mat surface. It also makes the mat cleaning easy once you are done with your gun cleaning.

It is also slip-resistant and keeps the gun in place when cleaning. This promotes secure gun maintenance.

The mat is hand washable so when you are done with it, simply wash with soap, rinse and dry for the next use.

It is environmentally safe as it comes from 50 % recycled fibres. Also, it is Phthalate and BPA free.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Large surface for easy cleanup
  • Slip-resistant and keep the gun in place
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Easy to clean with soap


  • Comes rolled, so it leaves some wrinkles that never seem to go away.


Overall, the Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad, Premium Gun Cleaning Mat is a number one selling mat on the market. You can get it and join thousands of happy buyers on the market. It is also large and perfect for your gun cleaning.

4. Best large – Real Avid Smart Mat 

[amazon box=”B0185P4K0M”]

This is a large padded gun mat that is perfect if you are looking for a reliable work surface for your gun cleaning routines. We liked the mat because it is high ranking with a 5-star rating. It is great for your modern sporting firearms that require a lot of care when cleaning.

The parts tray is connected to the mat and features a magnetised section. This keeps track of all your small metal pins, springs, bolt parts and accessories. You are sure that when assembling the gun after cleaning, you’ll get all your parts available.

This mat also has a non-slip backing which grips well on your work surface. This prevents the gun from sliding while you work.

It is resistant to oil, solvents, or any liquids. When any of the liquids pour on the mat, it becomes easy to clean.

Finally, this mat has clearly printed takedown instructions so you’ll never go wrong with the entire procedure of takedown.


  • A non-slip surface that prevents sliding
  • Small-magnetized section to help you keep track of all your small metals
  • Comes with an instructional manual to make everything easy
  • Waterproof and oil-proof surface


  • You need time to learn how to use it


Finally, the Real Avid Smart Mat is unique with the magnetic features that trap all your metal components to prevent loss.

5. Exceptional slip-resistant – TekMat Thin Blue Line Punisher

[amazon box=”B07WCQPR3C”]

If you are on a budget but still want a reliable mat for cleaning your gun, then this TekMat is ideal. It is characterised by a soft surface to prevent your gun from scratches. The mat is also slip-resistant and never slides when in use.

 It measures 15×20 inches hence large for your big guns. You will have enough room to assemble and disassemble your guns. You will not move parts all over.

The mat is a high-quality type that features waterproof, scratch-proof, fade and oil resistant qualities. This makes it easy to use and also stress-free to clean.

It has a stitched edge to prevent rolling or wapping when in use. Finally, it is easy to clean and fits in small spaces when storing it.


  • Made from high-quality thick materials for durability
  • It is oil and waterproof hence easy to clean
  • Easy to use and rolls quickly for storage
  • Large surface for adequate use
  • It is also slide proof to keep it form in place when using


  • It is bulky


Finally, the TekMat Thin Blue Line Punisher is large and thick and works well when you have large guns that require cleansing. All the parts will remain on the surface for secure cleaning.

6. Best for long guns – American Whitetail Biggest Long Gun

[amazon box=”B07G7J166R”]

Another gun cleaning mat you can get for your biggest long-gun cleaning is the American Whitetail. It is the largest and measures 38.5 inches. This is sufficient for your gun cleaning needs.

It has a non-slip bottom and a non-slip surface. This keeps the gun stable when you are cleaning. It also features a durable and high built quality to last you longer than the competitors.

A soft surface also characterises the mat. This protects your guns from scratches and dents when cleaning. Additionally, the mat  is waterproof, so it does not absorb the solvents when you clean the gun. This makes it easy to clean after use.

 It is made in the USA and features an American flag image. Finally, this mat is cost-effective despite the best features incorporated in the construction.


  • Made from high-quality fabric to last longer
  • This is the largest cleaning mat on the market
  • Doesn’t absorb water and solvents while you clean the gun
  • Made in the USA and features a print of the American flag


  • It is bulky


Overall, the American Whitetail Biggest Long Gun is the biggest mat on the market and exceptional if you are cleaning the long guns. It is also cost-effective and obtainable. Grab yours today and enjoy the work.

7. Best classic – Ultimate Rifle Build- Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat

[amazon box=”B01F84S1W6″]

Another large protective gun cleaning mat you can own and love the outcomes is the Ultimate Rifle Build. It is unique and boasts a surface measuring 11″x17″.

 It is made of Stitched border, black polyester top with waterproofing coating and natural rubber to prevent sliding when in use.

The mat looks classic with the Distressed US flag. It is also covered with a lifetime warranty, and you get a refund if the product didn’t meet your needs.

Finally, this mat is easy to clean and waterproof, so you spend little time working on it.


  • Large for your big guns
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Durable construction
  • Has a rubber bottom to prevent sliding
  • Features a unique distressed US flag


  • It looks dull


In general, the Ultimate Rifle Build- Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat is exceptional if you are looking for a budget-friendly gun cleaning mat. It is also large and will protect the surfaces from scratching.

8. Best oil-resistant – Ironclad Cleaning Mat

[amazon box=”B072C49F13″]

Our last gun cleaning mat you can bank on when you are looking for reliability is the Ironclad Cleaning Mat. It is a 17″ x 11″ inches mat made from Neoprene with an oil-resistant coating. It’s also waterproof, and that is why it ranks best among the rest on the market.

This mat is oil resistant and also non-slippery, which makes it safe when you are cleaning the gun. You’ll never experience scratching surfaces while you clean the gun.

This mat eliminates the confusion you’ve had before as it comes with detailed instructions on how to clean your firearm. This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the gun while you save time.

Finally, this mat comes with a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee.


  • Made from a high-quality neoprene material to last longer
  • It is waterproof and also oil-proof
  • The surface is non-slippery hence perfect for your cleaning needs
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • You need time to go through the instructions for use


Overall, this Ironclad Cleaning Mat is ideal if you are looking for a cost-effective gun cleaning mat that will safeguard your surfaces from scratching.

Things to Look for When Buying the Best Gun Cleaning Mat

To find the Best Gun Cleaning Mat that is appropriate for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is the mat made from quality materials for durability
  • Is the mat waterproof, oil-proof and non-slip?
  • What is the size of the mat?


Check to see what your ideal mat is made of to determine the durability. High-quality mats will take you through a test of time. Also, high-quality mats will resist tear and wear and will work well for you with different types of floors and guns.

Size of the mat

You need a mat that is large to accommodate your gun accessories when you disassemble it for cleaning. The bigger the mat, the better since you will have all the items on the mat to prevent loss and conditions.

Manual guide with prints on the mat

At times, the gun parts can be confusing after cleaning. Most of the top-quality mats come with printouts of the gun parts and accessories. This makes it easy for you to join the gun together after you are done cleaning it. Check the manual for easy use as it saves time.


When you are shopping for the best gun cleaning mat, you need intense research. This will ensure you get the best quality at affordable prices. Luckily, we’ve shared with you the most sought after cleaning mats on the market. You can now choose the one you like most and use it for your gun cleaning needs.

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