Best Handgun Safes Reviewed: Access Your Piece with Ease

​Best Handgun Safes Reviewed: Access Your Piece with Ease


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​Best Handgun Safes Reviewed: Our Top 5 Picks

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault (Keypad)

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

This safe offers a rather revolutionary design and will keep your handgun secure with fast accessibility to it.

If you always wanted ​a bedside gun safe for yourself, this model can be a perfect choice.

It will also be a great option for those who like secrecy since it can easily be slipped under your desk and the keypad lock allows for an easy access to the firearm in case of an emergency.

Should you be interested in this, we recommend that you read all the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

  • ​Pros

Lock Mechanism: It has a high strength keypad lock-mechanism which is highly reliable and which will ensure the safety of your gun and other valuables.

It offers 2 override back up keys to secure access to your gun in all circumstances and has a digital keypad.

It is constructed of 18-gauge steel and its interior is lined out with foam which takes care of any rattling noises. It derives its power from a 9-V alkaline battery.

Storage: It has a drop down drawer for fast activation which offers ​swift access to your firearm.

It can be mounted in many different places with different options and includes its hardware. The manufacturer offers you a 5 year warranty against burglary and fire.

When you open ​it, an interior courtesy light will be activated which will illuminate your pistol or revolver and other valuables in situations of low light. Furthermore it is biometric and comes in black.

However, for a firearm owner with multiple guns it is too small and compact, but an excellent and s​ecure choice for a single firearm like a handgun or for those who’d like to store a firearm near them​.

Added Perks: The Tamper Mode feature in this vault is truly a unique addition. By pressing 2 and 3 keys together, you can activate this mode. If the LED screen shows green light, it means the person who opened the vault the last time was an authorized personnel. If it turns red, you better be alert.

There’s also a mute mode option which turns off the beep noise while opening the safe, just in case you don’t want anyone to know when you’re accessing your firearms or valuables.

  • ​Cons

I found that the warning regarding low battery just works if a keypad button is touched which is a bit off-putting.

For purpose of secure mounting, it needs longer screws.

BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA is one of the leading manufacturers of firearm security safes.

The proper utilization of biometric technology in this model has made it a very secure housing for your valuables.

From quick access to easy maintenance, ​it scores high in every department.

It is recommended for you to read small gun safe reviews online as well as the ratings of other buyers from online stores like Amazon before making a decision.

  • ​Pros

Locking Mechanism: It offers a unique fingerprint pad which gives easier access and is capable of keeping up to 30-prints. You can mount this safe with its included hardware.

In addition to the fingerprint access, it also has two backup keys just in worst cases of any malfunction. You will achieve better results if you regularly clean the biometric sensor. This safe comes with pre-drilled holes to mount it on a hard surface.

I suggest you keep your backup keys secure, away from the reach of children to ensure accessibility for your guns and other valuables in case of a failure or a malfunctioning sensor.

Storage: ​It has more storage place than other models. It is capable of storing 2 handguns, extra magazines, ammunition and other valuable documents.

It is able to store 30-fingerprints so that you can have more people access to your safe (not that we recommend you give access to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

To get ​it to open without mistakes each time, program your fingerprint using various angles.

Construction: The body is made from high quality steel which will shield your safe against drilling or any other form of physical tampering.

Despite of a rigid structure, it is decently portable.

  • ​Cons

First of all, the scanner will take some time to read a fingerprint before you can get access to the ​contents inside. However it won’t be a noticeable delay.

Secondly, this biometric safe doesn’t have an interior light. Although you will be able to open it in darkness, you won’t be able to see the contents.

SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access

The SentrySafe is as compact as it gets.

While the affability of the bio-metric locks is now an established fact, this​ takes the idea and fuses it with affordability to provide what may well be one of the best pistol safes for home use.

​In spite of its extremely modest pricing, it has a plethora of safety features to secure your gun.

  • ​Pros

Locking Mechanism: This pistol safe ​gives you the option to program two fingerprints. It also offers you access to your gun single handed.

​It offers a digital keypad, an override key, just in case and zero audible feedback.

This safe can offer you more confidence because you can ​access it in multiple ways to reach for your firearm in the occurrence of any emergency.

Storage: Its storage space offers the ability to secure one J&K size revolver and a handgun with full size semi-automation.

Construction: This is constructed of reinforced solid steel of 12-gauge. It gives you the opportunity to get access to your handgun quietly and quickly without jeopardizing the safe’s integrity.

This handgun safe offers a special pry-resistant door which assists to prevent any unauthorized person accessing your gun.

Added Perks: This safe offers you whisper-quiet entry, especially designed with a compression gas strut and no sound, in comparison with clanging bolts and locks of other safes.

This gives you the opportunity to stay hidden to any potential harm from an intruder in your home while still in the position to safely defend your family and home.

  • ​Cons

Not necessarily a con, but I feel that the keypad is too soft. Some customers might prefer sturdier buttons.

Also, as mentioned above, the lack of space and batteries might be deterring to a few consumers.

GunVault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Safe

GunVault GV2000S

This is a safe to store pistols and is a high ​quality product which sets the trend as well as standard for the safe-industry.

Access as quick as lighting (even in darkness) is provided by the No-Eyes keypad, which is patented.

If you want quick accessible storage for any handgun you can choose between the Micro, Multi, Mini or Bio Vault variants.

When it comes to prioritizing what you need in a safe, it comes down to reliability and security.

  • ​Pros

Locking Mechanism: It offers us to program more than 12-million access codes, thanks to “Learn Buttons”. Accurate keypad entries are immediately confirmed by audio feedback.

Don’t like to hear any audio feedback? You are covered with the “stealth”mode of operation which can be achieved by disabling the audio. It has proficient battery power enabling it to be portable and to provide the ultimate security.

Construction: The GunVault safe for pistols have all the essential qualities. With its accurate fittings, it is almost impossible to crack open using hand tools. It features an improved lock mechanism of high strength.

​It can be mounted anywhere as well as in every direction. Furthermore, it has a foam-lined interior for protection and has extra storage capabilities with a shelf which can be removed

Added Perks: It has a tamper indicator which picks up attempts of invalid entry. The feature of a built-in computer denies access after invalid keypad entries were made perpetually.

This safe has Learn Buttons, which makes it simpler to program the user-selectable accessing codes of more than 12 million users.

  • ​Cons

​Battery should be checked and replaced regularly as there is no warning signs when it is low or running out.

Verifi Smart.Safe: Fast Access Biometric Safe

Verifi Smart.Safe

With this safe from Verifi, you don’t have to think about codes and keys and will be able to open the safe practically with your finger, thanks to the quick recognition of the biometric sensor.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most US security agencies prefer to use this bad boy.

​It is designed by Zvetco Biometrics in the United States which is a leading manufacturer in the biometrics industry for more than fifteen years.

  • ​Pros

Locking Mechanism: The certified FBI silicon sensor utilizes a 3D imaging –system, generating comprehensive fingerprint images.

This works fine for all users, including those which had bad experiences before with different biometric products. The DHS, DHS as well as different governmental departments use this superior sensor.

Some other safes are reliant on low-cost optical sensors. These budget sensors can be fooled with ease or it can require several efforts in recognizing your finger.

​It takes care of dry fingers or in general anything else that other optical gears struggle to identify.

Construction: It is constructed of solid steel, motor actuated, 2 locking bolts with two secondary maximum security access keys. The safe’s one of a kind Pico & Boost power attributes will provide you with many worry-free years regarding the battery operation.

Added Perks: This biometric safe has tamper alerts. All attempts by unauthorized users resetting or unlocking the safe will trigger an alert. Also, ​it ​uses AutoLock which is a unique attribute.

The feature above senses whenever the door of the safe is closed and will automatically lock the safe’s door.

This additional security measure means that when the door of the safe is closed, it is also locked.

  • ​Cons

​It could use an internal lining of foam or carpet.

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The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault (Keypad) is my favorite. I have one in my own room desk, it is always loaded with a full mag. The cons of these features are it does not have any space for an extra mag. It helps me avoiding negligence of misplacing guns at home and it’s for the safety of my family. Thanks for this article for I added some information about the gun safe.

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