Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning a shotgun isn’t easy. You need special tools to access the most hidden areas on the gun. You also need research to get the best shotgun cleaning kit. Do you have the time to run through hundreds of products on the market? We guess you said NO!

In this review, we’ve shared the best shotgun cleaning kits currently on the market. We’ve also provided a buying guide to help you factor in the crucial things before you buy. All this will see you get the best quality shotgun cleaning kit.

Let’s dive straight into the review and see what you’ll gain with the available kits.

Reviews of the Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

1. Best overall – Otis Technologies FG-750 Cleaning System, Tactical, Clam Package

[amazon box=”B0000C52A5″]

Are you finding it hard to clean your shotgun? Well, the best kit for the task is the Otis Technologies FG-750 Cleaning System, Tactical, Clam Package. We incorporated this kit into our recommendations because it has the basic tools for cleaning your guns regardless of the location.

This is a simple kit with tools in the case for safe storage and portability. Additionally, the compact design also ensures your portability is easy. The kit has the tools for cleaning all types of rifles and guns. You will like the way it leaves your shotgun newer than it was.

It has brushes, connecting components, lubricants, and a chamber. All these tools work together for exceptional outcomes. Unlike other tools that feel complicated when in use, this is simple and easy to use even for new users.


  • Comes in a case for easy storage
  • All the tools are packed well for easy access
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Has plenty of tools for complete cleaning


  • There are limitations to which bores this kit will clean


Overall, the Otis Technologies FG-750 Cleaning System, Tactical, Clam Package works well for shotguns. Do you own one? Your tool kit is here for unmatched outcomes.

2. Budget-friendly – Birchwood Casey Portable Shotgun Cleaning Kit

[amazon box=”B078H9QPPZ”]

We could not do without the Birchwood Casey Portable Shotgun Cleaning Kit. This is an unusual kit designed for your shotguns. Nevertheless, it can still work well for other rifles that make it a great value for investment.

This multi-tool arrives on a package for easy access to the tools and use. In addition, this makes it easy to store the tools once you are done cleaning the gun. The case is available for portability purposes.

All the tools are arranged in the chambers. This makes it easy to get the right tool for cleansing hence saving your time.

Some of the components in the k8t include the two bore brushes (12GA., 20GA), four stainless steel rod sections, one cleaning handle, two bore mops, and one cleaning rod adaptor. These tools are perfect for the most popular calibers.

Finally, you will need this kit if you are serious about eliminating any built-up gunpowder residue and ensuring a safe shot.


  • The components in the kit come from quality materials hence durable
  • Well organized for easy access
  • The casing presents loosing of the units
  • Versatile for a variety of calibers other than the shotgun


  • It is a bit costly when compared to the kits in the same bracket


Generally, the Birchwood Casey Portable Shotgun Cleaning Kit is perfect if you are looking for a kit that will clean your shotgun to the last dirt. It is easy to use and has the basic tools to deliver the best work.

3. Best value – GUNSLICK Ultra Box Shotgun Cleaning Kit (12 Gauge)

[amazon box=”B00162MMKM”]

Perhaps you are looking for a kit that will last you longer, right? We got you sorted with the GUNSLICK Ultra Box Shotgun Cleaning Kit (12 Gauge). This complete kit comes from the highest quality materials to stand the test of time.

In addition, this universal kit has the right tools for all your other guns in addition to the shotgun. This explains why it is a great value for your investment. It comes with a storage box, which makes it easy for you to keep the tools for future use. The box also enhances organized tools when you want to access them quickly.

This package also contains Gunslick chemicals that help in eliminating the most demanding dirt on your guns. It leaves the gun looking newer and excellent for outdoor shooting.

Finally, this durable kit is compact and lightweight. This makes it portable and perfect for your outdoor claiming routines.


  • Durable tools in the kit
  • Has the case to keep the tools secure 
  • Lightweight and compact for portability
  • It is a universal cleaning kit for all your calibers


  • The rod isn’t the best quality so handle it with care


Finally, the GUNSLICK Ultra Box Shotgun Cleaning Kit (12 Gauge) is right for you if you are set to save money when buying a shotgun kit. It has the components to clean your guns universally.

4. Best versatile – Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

[amazon box=”B00I81LC5A”]

One of the famous companies that produce the best cleaning tools for your guns is the Allen Company. This is the reason we settled on this kit as it features all the tools you need for universal cleaning.

The 65 tools include bronze brushes, brass jags, cotton swabs, brass slotted tips, brass adapters, muzzle guards, cleaning rods, pick, cleaning brushes, and cotton patches that come in a box for portability and storage.

The different compartments in the storage box ensure you store the tools and access them easily for use. When it comes to portability, the box makes your work easier. It has a high-quality plastic handle that makes lifting easy. You can use it regardless of the location.

Finally, the kit is cost-effective and perfect for your gun cleaning needs.


  • Durable construction to last you longer
  • Comes in a box for easy storage and easy access
  • The handle makes it movable to your preferred locations
  • Cost-effective when compared to the kits in the same bracket


  • The tools are many and can be confusing


Finally, if you are searching for a tool kit that every gun owner fancies, then this Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit. It is cost-effective and hence obtainable. Try it out and see the outcomes.

5. Best Budget – Hoppe’s FC2 Universal Field Cleaning Kit

[amazon box=”B0013R4DI4″]

Hoppe’s FC2 Universal Field Cleaning Kit is also one of the most sought after cleaning kits on the market. It is often for all your gun calibers but it will work wonders on your shotgun. 

It has all the accessories you will need for cleaning. However, there are no brushes that you will purchase separately at an affordable cost.

The specially designed cleaning rod with a rotating handle makes your cleaning a breeze. This allows you to clean the deeper parts here other tools never reach.

About storage, the tools in the kit are stored separately for easy access. Also, this kit is portable thanks to the lightweight and compact design. This makes it useful regardless of your location.

Finally, this kit has all the features you need for easy cleaning. However, it is cost-effective despite the plenty of tools in the kit.


  • The tools in the kit are durable and great value for money
  • Easy to set up for use
  • Versatile for a variety of guns and rifles
  • It is cost-effective


  • You’ll need to buy the brushes separately which is another cost


Conclusively, you’ll need Hoppe’s FC2 Universal Field Cleaning Kit for your shotgun and other calibers. This results in exceptional cleaning during your gun cleaning routine.

6. Best durable – Hoppe’s Bench Rest 3-Piece Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod

[amazon box=”B000PW5X4Q”]

Are you cleaning your shotgun and rifle today? You’ll need the Hoppe’s Bench Rest 3-Piece Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod. It makes cleaning an enjoyable maintenance routine for you.

The stainless steel construction means durability. You’ll never know rusting or corroding regardless of the weather conditions. This is the right tool if you are a traveler and like cleaning your gun frequently.

Note that the three-piece universal rod fits all calibers and gauges of rifles and shotguns. This makes it useful for all your guns.

Finally, this kit is compact, lightweight, and small for portability. Once you finish using the tools, you can repack in the case for the next assignment.


  • Made from quality steel for durability
  • Versatile to all your guns including shotguns
  • Small, lightweight, and compact for portability
  • Cost-effective when compared to the best on the market


  • The tools are few and won’t complete all your cleaning needs.


Overall, this Hoppe’s Bench Rest 3-Piece Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod, Universal Rifle/Shotgun is perfect if you are on a budget but still want a rod to clean your gun for outstanding outcomes. You can rely on it for durability and functionality.

How to Choose the Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

To find the best shotgun cleaning kit that is appropriate for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask yourself:

Does the kit come with all the basic tools for cleaning?

Are all the tools easy to use and clean?

Is the kit compact and lightweight for portability?

Here is a list of the crucial things you need to put at the back of your mind before you decide to buy the best shotgun cleaning kit.

The Components in the Kit

You want a kit that will serve you diligently and this call for a kit that has all the tools you need from basic to complex cleaning. All the tools must be easy to use and easy to store. In the package, the manufacturer usually indicates the tools available. Check out before you settle for the kit.

The Brand

Not all tools are the same. Different manufacturers factor in varying qualities to differentiate the brand. Great and popular brands have high reviews and start ratings. You can get the information on the manufacturer’s site or simply click the links in this review to save time. 

A good brand uses the best materials to construct the tools and that is why they boast high-quality construction for durability. While you check the brand, also confirm the durability of the tools in the kit.


It is insane to get a kit that works for only one type of gun or rifle, right? You will need a universal kit to make your work easy and efficient. The tools must meet all your gun cleaning needs and work efficiently to outdo the competitors. Find out if the kit has the tools for versatility.

Number of Tools Available

You don’t want one tool in the kit. Right? You will need more tools in the package for you to complete the tasks with ease. The kit should have the special tools to clean copper from your guns. We recommend a kit with over two tools for complete work.

Size and storage

The shotgun tools are available in different sizes. Find out the size of your shotgun and get the appropriate kit for the task. Make sure the tools are kept in a box for easy storage and transportation.


What is your budget? Is it in line with your target kit? Find out if the cleaning kit is cost-effective. Pick the kit that has all the features you like and make sure it is cost-effective. Luckily, our recommendations feature the best products within your budget.


You have the information regarding the best shotgun cleaning kits. We’ve shared with you the best products for easy selection. What’s more? You can go ahead and pick one for your gun cleaning. You’ll be surprised by the affordable prices and exceptional outcomes.

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