How To Build or Modify A Custom Gun Bench

Regardless of the fact that ready-made gun benches are more hassle-free, nothing beats a custom made gun bench. That way,  you can dictate how well you want the bench to serve you. And depending on the size of your rifle, you can custom-make your gun bench to meet the preferred requirements of your ideal gun.

As much as the custom made gun benches sound easier, you’ll need thorough instruction to end up with a bench that suits you. In this review, our goal is to help you craft and modify the best gun bench for all your gun tasks, including shooting, smithing, and cleaning the gun.

Let’s jump straight to the process.

Requirements for Setting Up the Gun Bench

  • Plywood or wood for the top section
  • Screws for joining
  • Glue for putting the plywood parts together
  • Nails for added support
  • Jigsaw for cutting the pieces up
  • Sander for smoothing the surface
  • Tape measure for accurate measurements
  • Hammer for hitting the nails/ screwdriver for the screws

Procedure for Building Your Gun Bench

Now that you have all the tools required to build your gun bench, here are the steps you need to consider for quality work.

Step 1

Get the plywood on your working table and mark it for the right measurement. Cut out a piece for the top measuring 54×42 inches. You can increase or decrease the dimension depending on your gun size and the comfort you need for the gun.

On the length side (54”), measure 30 inches and mark on both sides.

Measure 12 inches inwards from where the 30 inches on the plywood ends. Ensure you measure from both sides and mark the sections.

Since the width is 42 inches, you will have 18 inches left at the center.

Step 2

Using the jigsaw, cut the market areas on the plywood to have a T-shaped top section. This makes a complete benchtop.

Step 3

Get three-strong woodblocks for the legs. Cut each with a height of 33”. This is comfortable for your shooting and gun handling.

Create a square frame and mount the legs together on the frame support. The top should be a triangular structure. Put a T-support under the frame for the stability of the table. 

This is where you need to hammer the unit together using the nails available. Nails depend on the size of the wood you are using to create the support.

Step 4

Get your top ready for mounting. We encourage you to use several pieces of plywood for the stability of the top. You can use the glue to attach one or two more plywood pieces to the already made unit. Ensure you cut the measure most as indicted.

Put the top on the leg frame structure and use the screws to mount it on the frame. The final configuration should look like this table bench setup.

You can now get a shooting stool for use with the bench.

Maintenance of the Gun Bench After Building

Once you are done constructing your bench, you need to maintain it for longevity. The plywood is prone to water destruction and will require constant monitoring to eliminate water traces.

Clean the top with a dry cloth to remove first elements like mud.

Always carry the bench to a shelter to avoid raindrops and other bad weather elements that might destroy the bench’s structure.

Sand the sharp edges to keep the bench secure for use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I build a permanent bench for the gun?

Yes, depending on your place of use, you can still use heavy wood logs and cement to craft your massive shooting bench. This is not easy to move and will need stationary shooting.

Q: Is it acceptable to use plastic legs for the gun bench?

You can use the plastic legs if you are constructing a portable unit for gun shooting and maintenance. The plastic legs are advantageous since they don’t rust or corrode regardless of the weather conditions. They are also lightweight for portability.


Now that you have all the information regarding the process of building a custom gun bench for your gun, you can try out and develop something great for your shooting. Depending on your gun size and variety of needs, your gun bench might differ in size and design. As you build up the bench, make sure it is cost-effective and durable to last you longer.

Are you ready with your tools? Well, all the best as you craft the gun bench!