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Concealed Carry for Men and Women: Things You Need to Know

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Are you planning on purchasing or using a concealed firearm? You have to remember that there are a few things to take note of when doing so.

After all, this is a very serious topic which can affect your whole life. Yes, concealed firearms are there to protect you and those around you but there are a few issues to tackle before you begin hiding your weapon properly while going out.


You should also learn about how you can ensure that you conceal the gun properly to avoid stirring panic from those around you. But how will you do that?

Read on to learn more about concealed carry for men and women, as well as how you can avoid making any mistakes when carrying firearms.

Is Concealed Carry Allowed in Your State?

Take note that all states allow carrying concealed firearms in different forms. There are 38 states that require you to have a state-issued permit so you are able to carry concealed firearms. The other twelve states allow people to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

The twelve states that allow individuals to carry concealed firearms without a permit are:

  • checkAlaska
  • checkArizona
  • checkIdaho
  • checkKansas
  • checkMaine
  • checkMississippi
  • checkMissouri
  • checkNew Hampshire
  • checkNorth Dakota
  • checkVermont
  • checkWest Virginia
  • checkWyoming

Of the 38 states that require a permit for concealed firearms, eight of these states (and District of Columbia) have “May Issue” laws, where authority has the discretion to deny a permit to applicants if ever that individual has lack of a good character or reason to carry weapons in public. 

33 states have “Shall Issue” laws, requiring authority to allow most permit requests.

 The “May Issue” states are as follows:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachussets
  • New Jersey
  • New York

Of course, there are a few exceptions to the law. While there are some states that allow open carry, there are certain establishments that disallow individuals to carry a weapon in their stores. These are in large establishments such as Chipotle, Starbucks, and Target.

Please visit this page if you’d like to know more about the appropriate laws and the exceptions.

Common Concealed Carry Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Concealed Carry Woman

Did you know that even if you think you do follow your state’s rules and regulations, you may still be making mistakes when owning your concealed carry?

It may be from the way you dress down to how you think or act with the firearm in your possession.

To help avoid any dangerous or embarrassing situations, acquaint yourself with the following common mistakes in concealed carry and how you can avoid them:

Not Testing Your Holster

This is one of the common mistakes first-time carriers make. For those who do not test their holsters, you may end up experiencing pain and discomfort.

You have to make sure that you choose a comfortable holster that fits you well and won’t cause you any harm. Have a holster that covers and protects the trigger, as well as something that you can easily access.

Acting Unnatural

This is an embarrassing mistake many make as well. The reason you have a concealed carry is because you don’t want people to know you are carrying one.

Avoid walking awkwardly and looking around your body to see if your gun is still there. If you do look weird, there’s no point in having a concealed carry!

Not Wearing Good Fabric

Avoid wearing fabrics that would catch on your holster or pistol grips. Also, avoid lightweight or loosely-woven fabrics which print easily, or light-colored fabrics which would show the color of your holster or firearm.

You’ll need to check yourself before leaving the house, ensuring that what you are wearing hides the handgun well without it feeling uncomfortable.

Adjusting in Public

This is one way you’re going to freak out people around you!

Unless you are in a restroom cubicle or private area with no one around, avoid lifting up your shirt or pants to adjust your gun. If you are in an uncomfortable position, find a private area to do so.

Not Securing the Holster Correctly 

Concealed Carry Holster

If you aren’t able to secure your holster properly, then you may end up feeling uncomfortable if the gun and holster begins to slide in awkward positions. Sometimes, the holster may even pop out and cause panic! 

Worse, not securing the holster can pose the risk of your gun shooting itself. So make sure that before you leave the house, your holster is safe and buckled up!

You Think You’re Unstoppable

Remember that just because you have a concealed firearm doesn’t mean you are invincible and have eliminated any threats that come your way.

Avoid any trouble and do not cause a stir just because of simple spats with other people. Possession of a firearm is a huge responsibility!

No Proper Handgun Training

You won’t be able to use your firearm properly if you do not know how to shoot with it in the first place! You must acquaint yourself with the current handgun training and continue to practice regularly so you are able to use it for self-defense.

Learn how to remove the handgun quickly and take a quick target and shot if ever anything happens!

Unaware of the Laws

You should know the rules of your state to avoid going into any trouble with the law. Know where you can or cannot bring your firearm and bring your permit with you in case you are stopped by a police officer.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Through acquainting yourself with how to dress yourself and the attitude you take when having concealed carry, then you won’t have to worry about breaking the law or running into any dangerous situation.

It all boils down to ensuring that you are following your state’s rules and regulations, as well as knowing how to handle your firearm.

I hope that this article on concealed carry for men and women helped you become more knowledgeable on what you should follow. So don’t wait any longer and begin following the right ways on how to conceal your firearm today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on concealed carry, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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I’m glad that you mention how it’s important to know the rules of your state in order to make sure you always have your permit and know where you can and cannot bring your firearm. In order to learn all of these things, you’d probably want to participate in a local concealed carry class. This would give you the chance to know the rules of your state and learn how to safely and comfortably carry your firearm in order to avoid problems.

It’s good to know that you are allowed to carry a gun in all states. I want to buy a gun for my wife’s birthday, but I wanted to know if it was legal to carry one in our state. I’ll look into what she will need in order to get a permit to carry.

My wife wants to start carrying a gun around so that she feels much safer when she leaves work at night. I think it’s a great idea, but she needs to learn how to be really safe with the firearm. I really like your tip to get a holster that is really comfortable, because it will be on you all day.

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