Best Gun Safe Reviews: Everything You Ought to Know About

​Best Gun Safe Reviews: Everything You Ought to Know About

Investing in a firearm for the protection of your family and valuables will immediately get you to take a high responsibility to safeguard your gun to keep it from anyone else’s reach.

So many tragedies would never have happened on a worldwide scale if the firearm was safely locked up. Before we start getting in detail about various gun safe reviews, let’s get to know more about guns and the importance of their safes.

In some states of the USA, citizens are required according to law to invest in a safe or cabinet when they purchase a firearm for personal use to prevent any accidental or intentional misuse of their guns.


Guns and their ammunition are increasingly being stolen due to burglaries on an international basis. No burglary will be stopped by locking up your valuable items in one or other light metal case or even by hiding it in a secret place.

Therefore it is essential to safeguard and properly maintain your guns for your needs. Your safe should only be accessible to you or the people whom you trust to avoid your children accidentally getting their hands on the firearm.

When you own a firearm, security is the most important aspect to take into account. When you are looking to buy a gun safe, there are certain factors to keep in mind, for example: security, the accessibility to your gun, the space available and the price.

Gun Safety

The best safes will not only keep your guns and rifles safely locked up, but are also manufactured to withstand a remarkable amount of perpetuated exposure to fire and heat.

Furthermore, it is logical that every firearm owner will have different needs for the safe storage of his guns, rifles and ammo. Therefore we compiled a guide for the most popular variants on the market and categorized them for different types of firearms like handguns or rifles, which will fulfill your needs accordingly.

Best Gun Safe Under 1000 USD Reviewed​

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It is important to invest in a safe as soon as you decide to keep a piece of firearm in your house for the welfare of your family.

Having owned quite a few guns in the past, I happen to know the responsibilities that come along with keeping guns in the house. This is where a good safe steps in. It is a storage space designed especially for guns and ammunition.

Traditionally using keyholes and combinations, these safes have been specially made to store guns of various sizes like handguns, rifles and their respective magazines.

Buyers who are looking for a safe under 1000 dollars need to consider a lot of factors other than safety and security. Investing in a high-quality gun safe is essential because firearms are nothing to be taken lightly.

How to Choose the Best?

Hollywood Misconceptions on Shootouts

The first thing that you must keep in mind going in to purchase one is the features it has to offer and the parameters. It is vital that you make an informed choice since it concerns the safety of your family.

You must, therefore, ask the right questions before you seek to make a purchase. There are quite a few parameters that you must make a note of before making the purchase so that you don’t need a new one just a few months later.

Here are some of the key elements that you must take into account while purchasing your gun safe.

Size: The size is important for quite a few reasons. It should be aligned with the guns that you have. It would obviously be silly to buy one exclusively made for revolvers to keep rifles. The dimensions of the safe is another factor that you need to consider.

The safe should fit snugly into your living room and not look out of place. You also need to account for the space the door would take to open. More often than not, people do not take this into account. As a result, the safe is often crammed away into nooks and spaces and looks aesthetically unpleasing.

Weight: The weight of a safe is crucial in the way that it may actually act as a deterrent for burglars. If you invest in a lightweight safe, the chances are that the burglar may lift the entire thing away.

A light weight safe, if invested in, should be bolted down to the floor to prevent . Though, I’d highly recommend you to buy one which is heavy.

Security Type: The advent of the modern safes has brought along with it quite a few variants of lock options. Apart from the traditional turn dials and key-locks, there is also the option of biometric locking options and digital keypads. It is important in this regard to go for a biometric safe.

Imagine trying to look for the keys to your safe at midnight if there’s an intruder in your house. In such a situation, a biometric lock would also be preferred over a turn dial. If the gun safe that you wish to invest in is a bedside safe, then the key-lock option could also be explored.

It is hence imperative to ask the following two questions in this regard while buying your safe – are you looking for a large gun safe? Is it the only one in your house?

Bolt: The option as to whether your safe can be bolted down is extremely important to explore. If you are possibly looking at to buy one at a budget price, the chances are that you will be investing in a light weight safe.

In that case, you would need to bolt down your safe. A word of caution, though, given that most houses are now built with post-tension slabs, drilling into them may upset the foundation of your house. In such cases, just buy a heavier safe instead of compromising the safety of your house.

Fire Rating: If you live in an area prone to fire, it would be sensible to invest in a fireproof gun safe. They usually come with a fire resistant coating that resists high temperature and protects the guns placed inside.

While it may be a personal preference, it is just as important when deciding about the quality. You should definitely look out for the fire rating. Here’s an excellent article about the fire ratings from American Security.

Features to Look for

Military Man

It is obviously a difficult task to choose a gun safe under a particular budget given the variety available. As noted before, the one you chose should be in accordance with your functional requirements. So before buying one, consider these questions:

Do you want to buy a gun safe to keep your firearm away from children?

Is personal security your main reason behind buying a gun safe for your firearm?

These are the questions that determine the type of safe that you need to buy. Once you determine the cause, it would be easier to make a choice. So, if you live in a fire-prone area, you would need to invest in a safe which can tolerate higher temperatures for a long time, in the event of a fire.

If children are your concern, then a cabinet safe should suffice.

The locking mechanism is also another factor worth consideration. Steels pins called bolts lock the door up and the larger the bolts, the costlier the safe. Also, gun safes with pins on the corners are generally considered safer than those without.

It is also important to determine the location of the safe in your house before buying it. Primarily burglars and thieves always try to gain access to the safe to snatch your firearms for their illegal uses.

It is important thus to install the safe in a place away from prying eyes, preferably the basement. As an added measure, look for gun safes that can be bolted to the ground. Here’s a video when you can check out.

[mytube id=”-c-OXLAxB04″ /]

Here’s our recommendation that you can look at, as they happen to be some of the most high-quality safes for firearms around.

Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E

Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E

The Mesa Safe Company has, since 1981, been one of the most elite and highly regarded gun safe makers around the world.

Though ​they do not usually feature under budget safes, there remains one exception. You can view our favorite safes from ​Mesa here.

The MBF5922E bears all the hallmark features and dashing looks of the parent company. All this at an incredibly affordable price.

  • Pros

Material: The first thing that strikes you on looking at this safe is the superior build quality of the product. Designed especially for rifles, the safe sports a narrow but tall design that can house your rifles. The old school look of the safe will certainly remind you of the western movies of yore.

To sustain this illusion, the manufacturers also used a decorative brass handle. However, beneath this vintage look hides some of the most potent security features. All of this makes the MBF5922E one of the best firearm safes around.

Lock: There are two noteworthy features when it comes to the lock features of the safe. Firstly, the safe is made up of 12 gauge steel with an all round thickness of one and a half inches. This makes drilling the safe a futile exercise.

Such is the safe’s durability that you could lift it and throw it down two stories and it would survive the fall unscathed. Secondly, the unit is fireproof at extremely high levels. It has been tested to survive 1750 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour.

Along with this, the safe has countermeasures in the event of a thief drilling into it. All this at such a low price makes this the best affordable gun safe in the market.

Storage Space: In terms of dimensions, the MBF5922E is 22 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 59 inches high. In other words, you can fit on an average of seven rifles into this with ease. However, if you have optical mounts on your rifles, then you can store a maximum of four rifles.

  • Cons

None that I have encountered.

Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Security Safe

Stack-On SS-22-MG-C

Are you a serious gun collector in search of a basic safe that can also fulfill certain numbers of criteria?

Then this firearm safe is designed for you. It is one of the best safes from Stack-On.

With a capacity to store 22 firearms along with sufficient space for mags, you know this bad boy has some authoritative value when it matches the firearm regulations of California Department of Justice.

  • Pros

Material: The material used to manufacture this safe is thick composite steel which keeps your guns safe through adverse situations. The outer body is colored in a matte ‘hunter’ green paint, and golden accents here and there. The presence of the safe is going to enhance your indoor aesthetic.

Lock: The safe features a combination lock with 3 live action locking bolts and 3 additional deadbolts, which makes up for a total of 6 locking positions. There is a further steel plate behind the lock which makes it safe from damages made by punching and drilling and assures extra protection.

Storage Space: Initially the safe boasts a huge capacity of storing 22 guns in total, which is also pretty much adjustable. There are four removable shelves which can let you decide for your desired storage space.

You can easily stack up additional ammunition and grenades even after storing all your guns. You can also add a ​door organizer for more space for your mags.

  • Cons

When compared to other products in the market, this one might seem a little basic. But at this price range, you seriously cannot expect more than what it has to deliver.

Steelwater Heavy Duty

Steelwater Heavy Duty

This is an extremely capable gun safe, providing a real value for your money.

With a 45 minutes fire protection ability (at 1440 degrees Fahrenheit) and a lock system that practically eliminates all possible threats to your firearms, the AMSW592818-BLK is one of the best firearm safes from Steelwater which you can consider purchasing.

  • Pros

Material: It is made of 12 gauge steel which can survive bullets, drilling or punch attack. The solid steel plate is way more capable than many of its competitors at this price range.

There are 9 locking bolts, and the gear driven bolt system keeps your guns protected from burglars and thieves. The door is supported by a further thick layer of steel.

Moreover, the material can endure fire at 1440 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes, which is an impressive addition to the safety features of the product.

Lock: The Heavy Duty can be tech-savvy too. And just so that you have a better sleep at night, it uses an electromagnetic pulse resistant electronic lock instead of a regular combination lock.

It features a state of the art digital keypad, and you can reprogram your combination at any time. The bypass key feature enables you to open your safe if you are locked out of it.

Storage Space: As far as storage space is concerned, there are two compartments inside the safe with the capacity to store 10 guns each. They enable the safe to be able to store 20 guns in total at a time. The storage space is easy to customize with four removable shelves.

  • Cons

You might find it a little difficult to install, but once you are through the initial jolting, you’re good to go. You can always get a professional to install it for you so this isn’t necessarily a problem.

Barska Large Biometric Safe

Barska Large Biometric Safe

Barska is a leading name in the gun safe segment in terms of technology for long.

The Large Biometric Safe is one of their biggest offering in this regard. ​You can view the other models from ​Barska here.

Whichever of the three sizes you may choose, all of them come with quality and top of the line biometrics.

If you are one of those who keeps losing safe keys or have trouble remembering combinations, then it’s time you bring the best biometric gun safe like this home.

  • Pros

Material: This is made from reinforced steel and sports a classy look. The lock and the handle exude elegance, and the biometric lock ensures that you do not need keys. The lean, clean and simple look is extremely effective and gives it a subtle look.

Lock: The safe employs biometric technology as its principal locking mechanism. This means that you can use your fingerprints to open the safe. The lock can be programmed to open to up to 120 different users and therefore, is a huge help if there are multiple users in the family.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, the lock is fully operational within minutes of setting it up. Also, it does include a set of backup keys in case you are locked out.

Storage Space: ​It is fully capable of storing up to 16 rifles apart from the three removable shelves which can be used to store smaller fire arms like pistols. The safe is optimal in terms of height for storing the scoped rifles which some of the other gun safes may have a problem accommodating.

Though a bit bulkier in terms of dimensions then other Barska rifle safes, it does not require a lot of space to open up.

  • Cons

Nothing that I encountered.

American Security AM3020E5

American Security AM3020E5

Traditionally, the American Security Safe series has always provided the best value for money, fire proof safety, and extremely durable Oakwood interiors.

The AM3020E5 is gorgeous with its blue glossy finish with the marked elegant logo of American security.

With its robust build and elegant design, this safe from American Security definitely deserves a place in our list. 

Without further ado, here’s our review:

  • Pros

Material: Being one of the best firearm safes for the money, the AM3020E5 has an interior made up of mocha fabric which also includes a back cover. The fire resistant coatings are extremely effective, and the interior is made up of American oak wood.

The safe can handle up to 1200 degrees of heat for 30 minutes without the interior temperature going above 350 degrees. It indeed is an extremely potent feature at this price. Overall, the design of the safe is extremely minimalistic, thus, lending it a classic look.

Lock: It is equipped with a solid steel shell of 12 gauge along with a door that can be opened at 180 degrees. The door of the safe is a quarter inch worth of steel and has five bolts to lock it away.

The safe is also equipped with an ESL5 electronic lock with a standard illuminated keypad. You can also equip the safe with a dial combination lock on demand.

Storage Space: The storage space of the AM3020E5 is gorgeous to look at. The shelves are oak wood laminate, and there is also a rich velour cover at the back of the safe.

The premium package of the safe also includes dehumidifier rods, light strips, and even jewelry trays as add-ons that can be used in collaboration with the safe.

  • Cons

The shelf clips that hold the shelves in place are extremely flimsy, and you may need to replace these clips with something more durable. Also, the height of the safe is not large enough to accommodate rifles and other larger firearms.

Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe

Stack-On Safe

The Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe is by far the best fireproof gun safe on the market. This is a great choice if you are a hunter or collector of various firearms and want to keep them safe from fire and children.

Employing a combination function and reinforced with an extra metal plate, the Stack-On makes sure that your guns, ammunition and other important papers are safely locked up and protected from damages caused due to a fire break out.

  • Pros

Material: This is made up of reinforced steel doors which have a coating of fireproof material. The fireproof material is extremely potent in blocking out fires as well as maintaining moderate temperatures inside the safe. The safe can perfectly resist temperatures up to 1400 degrees for half an hour.

Lock: The Safe-On has an extremely potent security system with a dual method locking. It consists of a metal live motion security bolt and a combination device. The electronic lock has three specific lights for opening up, wrong entry and low battery each.

In case you forget the password, an emergency trouble key is attached along with the safe to bypass the lock. Users can put up to three incorrect entries in the electronic lock before the time goes up. This enables the lock to maintain high standards of security.

Storage Space: It is fully carpeted and has four detachable racks that can be used to store your firearms. It can hold up to 14 rifles and is 54 inches tall. If you have smaller firearms like revolvers, the safe can hold about 24 of them.

  • Cons

Unlike most others, it uses 3 lock bolts instead of the standard 4. This, in no way, compromises with the security of the safe.

Best Gun Safe under 500 USD: Security That Doesn’t Burn Your Pocket

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When it comes to firearms, security is of paramount importance. While investing in a gun safe, there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind. Some of the factors being ease of use, storage space, security and obviously the cost.

In this regard, safes with bio-metric locks have the best bet in terms of security features. The following section of this guide provides you with variants of the budget safes under 500.

A gun safe obviously should place security as its top priority. However, given the wide range of products that are available now, only security isn’t enough. A modern safe should have a pleasing appearance too.

This wide range dictates that you could choose from designs as varied as classic Victorian design to modern bio-metric designs.

It is essential to choose carefully while selecting a budget safe because most of them advertised as the best are often low-quality products. There is, however, a good news as more and more products come into the market, the prices turn more competitive.

This means that you can now have a top of the line gun safe without burning a hole in your pocket.

How to Choose the Best?

There are some things that I would like to highlight. While you may have other parameters in mind, it is essential that you consider these factors too before buying a safe. It is also important to remember that even the best are bound to have some shortcomings. Do keep an eye out for those while making a choice.

Aspects of Security: The primary reason you are investing in a safe is security for your guns and other valuables and therefore, this should be the top priority. The lock mechanism of the safe is very important. With the right amount of security, you can rest assured that no one would be able to access your arms and other valuables without your permission or supervision.

Size: Space of a safe is paramount while making a choice for the most obvious reasons. It is dictated both by the amount of space you can allot to it and your gun size. For instance, you can’t possibly fit a rifle in a safe made for handguns. So we highly recommend you to get a larger safe if you can since safe is an investment that doesn’t need to be replaced that often.

Mount: For ease of use, people always prefer smaller safes to be mountable on walls. If you are searching for a larger gun safe, then please make sure to consult with an architect whether your walls are stable and strong enough to hold the safe. This is an important step to do if your house is old.

Ease of Use: Your choice must be easy to operate and you should be accustomed to using it. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to grab your gun easily if you so require it.

Here’s our recommendation that you can look at, as they happen to be some of the best safes which are budget-friendly.

Verifi Smart.Safe: Fast Access Biometric Safe

Verifi Smart.Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe

When it comes to security and affordability, the safe from Verifi is the one which I love and recommend. This model provides the best of both the worlds in terms of high security and reliability.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most US security agencies prefer to use this bad boy.


  • Material: The gun safe is made of solid steel. The construction is extremely sturdy and is equipped with two locking bolts. The bolt locks are motor actuated and there is also the provision for secondary keys for an added security.
  • Lock: Most budget bio-metric gun safes use cheap sensors which don’t last for a long time and need to be often changed. The F.B.I. approved fingerprint sensor ensures that you gain fast access to your firearms.
  • Storage Space: The storage capacity of the safe allows you to store multiple handguns. However, when you take it into account, the secure features that the safe provides, it is undoubtedly the best safe to buy.

There are also a host of other security features like interior light, tamper alert, auto locks and LCD. By far the best feature on this safe is the SelfCheck feature, which allows it to make self-diagnostic checks and ensures that the system is updated and works perfectly.


  • The safe could use an internal lining of foam or carpet.

Barska Top Opening Biometric Safe AX11556

AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Safe

The model AX11556 from Barska is a top opening biometric safe which can store up to 30 different fingerprints.

It is spacious enough to hold two standard sized handguns (I tested it with my Glock 27 and 35) or one large handgun like the Desert Eagle Mark XIX along with a few boxes of ammunition, a spare magazine and some cash.

There’s an alarm which alerts you if you leave the safe open. This is really useful as you don’t want to forget to lock your gun safe, especially with kids around.

You get two backup keys which can be used to access the safe in the rare event of the malfunctioning of the biometric system or if the battery dies.


  • Very compact. Can easily be stored in a nightstand drawer for quick access.
  • The system alerts you if you leave the safe unlocked (you can turn it off as well).
  • Accessing the safe only takes about two seconds.
  • The hydraulic door system facilitates a smooth opening and closing.
  • Can easily store two standard sized handguns.
  • Ability to bolt it down to concrete walls or a solid surface.


  • Lacks an internal light mechanism. We recommend you to keep a pocket torch inside this for accessing the firearm in the dark.

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric

The GunVault SV500 sports an innovative design at an extremely competitive price to provide the best of compact design and safety.

The bio-metric feature allows easy and quick access to the firearm in the event of an emergency. The mountable design makes it a great choice to put it under your desk.

This is a great choice for you if you have one firearm (like a handgun) to store or would like to keep one near for quick access.

​You can also know more about the other safes from ​GunVault here.


  • Material: The safe design, more like a holster, is made of 18 gauge steel and lined with foam to protect your gun. It is very light and compact. This makes it extremely desirable to be mounted under your desk.
  • Lock: ​It has a number of safety features, all aimed at securing your gun and ensuring that only you or your trusted people can access it. The safe has a bio-metric lock and can store up to 120 variants of fingerprints which ensure that a number of people can access it. There is also, in the case of malfunctions and emergencies, an override key to bypass all security.


  • Storage Space: When it comes to storage space this gun safe doesn’t really score high. The GunVault SV500 is not a good choice if you own multiple guns and ammunition. It provides a safe, quick and easy access to your firearm, but not good enough for you if you have multiple firearms or would like to store some valuables and ammunition besides your gun.
  • Moisture: The foam lining of the safe is incapable of keeping the moisture out. If exposed to for a long period, this may damage your gun.

SentrySafe Quick Access Safe

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe

The QAP1BE model from Sentry​Safe is as compact as it gets.

While the affability of the bio-metric locks is now an established fact, this safe takes the idea and fuses it with affordability to provide what may well be one of the best safes for home use.

In spite of its extremely modest pricing, it has a plethora of safety features to secure your gun. Check out the other line of ​products from ​SentrySafe here.


  • Material: The gun safe is made of what the manufacturer term as pry resistant steel. The safe is extremely compact and is ideal for people on-the-move, who would want to secure their firearms. The dimensions of the safe allow it to be used even from inside a drawer and thus, you can easily keep the safe at your workplace even.
  • Lock: Firstly, the bio-metric lock programs in your fingerprint and uses it as a key. You can also program in an additional pin along with the fingerprint and use it as a password. Secondly, the lock mechanism and the keypad are extremely silent, and this is extremely handy in times of emergency when secrecy is the key. The significance of the one-handed access must not be underestimated as it is extremely effective in times of emergencies.
  • Storage Space: While the sentry safe looks small, it can be extremely deceiving. The interior of the safe is spacious by any comparison. For instance, I was able to easily fit in a J&K revolver and a full-size semi-automatic gun with absolute ease. If you try, you could probably sneak in a few rounds of ammunition.


  • Though extremely convenient, durable and secure, it falls short on a few parameters. The batteries, for instance, are a big turn off for people who seek a more traditional approach. Also, the limited space of the safe may put you off if you have a bigger gun alongside few rounds to store.

However, the string of features and an awesome pricing makes this safe worthy of being mentioned in our list.

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-On GCDG-9216 Double Door Gun Safe

The Stack-On GCDG-9216 is the one you need to go with if you have an extensive gun collection. The GCDG-9216 essentially clubs two gun safes into one.

 The two doors of the safe are massive and weigh a hundred pounds which are a perfect deterrent for thieves.

You can even use this bad boy to easily store your other valuables like cash and jewelry besides guns and ammunition.​


  • Material: The safe is quite essentially a welded steel box. Superior construction quality and the fully welded exterior make the safe a formidable product. The safe also has a piano hinge and door-to-door construction for greater durability.
  • Lock: It is equipped with a three-point locking safe along with a digital keypad as a means of the primary lock. The cabinet is divided into several other compartments and they can also be locked using keys. This division is extremely efficient when storing guns of various sizes.
  • Storage Space: The cabinet can hold a total of 16 rifles. If the detachable cabinets are removed, it can make space for extra rifles you may have. The walls of the cabinet are lined with foam to prevent the guns from getting scratched. There is also the option of four detachable foam shelves that can be used to store jewelry, ammo and your other valuable stuff.


  • No dust seal around the doors.

Cannon 5524-30-H1TEC-17 Foxtrot 24

5524-30-H1TEC-17 Foxtrot 24

The last item on our list is the 5524-30-H1TEC-17 Foxtrot 24, a remarkable product from Cannon Safes known for its class and excellent price.

While it is categorized as a budget gun cabinet, you’ll still be able to rely on its excellent features. The safe has a 30-minute fire resistance, along with a dual stage triple fin intumescent seal. 

Through this kind of seal, the safe will be able to expand during cases of fire, ensuring that the contents are secured and protected from any harm.

As for its security, it has three locking bolts and an electronic lock, which is programmable from the keypad.

The tru-lock internal hinges makes it very secure. It has a huge space, enough to fit up to 24 guns! 

Through this, you’re ensured that you are purchasing a quality product. Cannon also gives an exclusive five-year warranty for free repair or replacement of the safe in case of damage from fire or burglary!


  • Compact design
  • Internal hinges and the three locking bolts make it highly secure.
  • The intumescent seal is helpful in fire accidents.
  • A great product for the price.
  • Cannon’s brand name and it’s exclusive 5 year warranty.


  • Lacks any backup entry methods or keys.

There are not really many great choices available when you try to look for the budget safes. I refer only to the safes durable enough for serious use. The list above notes some of the best choices in this segment.

You should stress on a few features like fire resistant depending on your personal choice. A word of caution though, before buying, please be sure to perform your due diligence.

Best Rifle Gun Safe Reviewed

[table id=6 /]

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska Quick Access (as the name implies) is quite simply the one which you should pick for yourself when quick access instead of space is your priority .

This is one of the best biometric gun safes to store rifles as well as other delicate accessories like jewelry, video cameras, hard drives and valuable documents.

This is one of those upscale models which will ensure a peace of mind for long years just at the cost of a few extra bucks.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: The biometric technology of this safe allows you to get effortless and quick access to your weapons in a state of emergency. It also comes with a manual three point locking system which is solid which can quickly open the safe with one hand.

Storage: The AX11652-model can store about 120 identities of different users. Fingerprints can be registered in seconds. This safe is tall and has the capability to store about 3 rifles safely. It also has a storage shelf which can be removed, for ammunition and guns.

Added Perks: When you invest in buying this safe, you will receive a rifle safe, an exterior battery pack, emergency back-up keys as well as the hardware to mount it.

The safe are shipped with pre-drilled holes to enable the buyer to mount it permanently and securely to a wall or on the floor with its mounting hardware included. The safe’s power source is 4 AA batteries which is also included and which usually last for about two years.

  • Cons

It would be great if the metal surfaces were padded with foam or any carpet.

Steelwater Heavy Duty 22

Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

This Steelwater safe is manufactured in China. They are practically designed for big firearms like rifles and have a decent storage space for scope, ammunition and other valuables.

Its biggest selling point is definitely is fireproof body. Installing this safe isn’t a tenacious job either.

It is because the height of the door opening is 49 inches whilst the width is 20 1/16 inches and it poses a total of eighteen 1 ½ inches active bolts which are chrome plated and also additionally features 7 inactive bolts placed on the side of the hinge for a total of bolt coverage of four sides.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: For protection and additional strength against punch, pry and drill attacks, this has a lock and bolt structure which is gear driven.

It also features 8 X larger ballistic/drill hard resistant plate for the protection of the gear drive, lock as well as other exposed sections of linkages that can be drilled or the re-locking spring-loaded bolt which can be manipulated and removed in a burglary attempt.

Construction: It is constructed of 12 gauge steel, with a 5 1/8 inches thick composite constructed door. It has a semi-gloss powder textured coat finish and 5-spoke polished chrome handle with an expandable heat activated door seal.

Furthermore, it has four ½ inch anchor holes, which are pre-drilled. Its interior is upholstered in grey material which features a gun rack with two sections where an ultimate of eleven long guns can be stored in each section.

Four removable or adjustable shelves are included where additional accessories like jewelry and ammo can be stored.

Storage: This safe offers fire protection for one hour at an ultimate of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit and a long gun capacity of 22 guns. Its average capacity features 14 to 18 long guns. The four shelves comprises of one shelf of full length, with a width of 26 7/8 inches and a depth of 16 3/8 inches.

The other three shelves has a width of 12 ½ inches and is 16 3/8 inches deep. These shelves can just be used in the gun rack’s right section. It has a (UL Listed LaGard Group-II) dial combination with a random combination which is pre-set.

  • Cons

As mentioned above, you might find it a little difficult to install, but once you are through, you’re good to go. You can always get a professional to help you with the installation.

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe

If you ever dreamed of storing your shotgun or rifle under your bed, but still have it safely locked up and unreachable for your kids, the Stealth Defense Vault DV652, is the best bedside gun safe you should invest in!

This safe is engineered according to excellent quality specifications and crafted with the application in mind. It is actually unique when compared to other gun safes designed to be placed under bed.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: This safe’s most noteworthy feature is its Stealth Electronic Lock. The lock is the same type they fit on gun safes with high security. When you touch the lock it illuminates which allows you to see its numbers in darkness.

Currently this is the sole under the bed safe with a keypad that illuminates and I just love this feature.

Construction: The safe weighs 74 pounds and is made of 14 gauge steel which poses a heavy duty option taking into account home defence for the storage of your weapon under the bed.

With its four mounting holes which are pre-drilled, it is easy to mount it as you will receive the mounting hardware when purchasing the safe. This safe offers secure storage for your weapon under the bed with fast accessibility. It is also California DOJ approved.

Storage: When you enter the right combination, you can slide the 5-point locking bar to open the safe’s door. After the dropping of the door, you can slide out the tray which is padded with foam.

This foam-padded tray is especially designed to hold your weapon for defending your family and home, without fearing it might get scratched or deformed.

  • Cons

This safe isn’t waterproof or fireproof.

You should be careful while installing this safe to avoid “deforming” damage.

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe

This biometric fingerprint safe by Viking Security Safe will be the best investment for you if you love collecting firearms and large guns.

Besides that, it can also be used to store your cash and other valuables seamlessly.

A word of caution though, if you are looking to place this safe on the second floor, then you better consult your architect since this safe is pretty heavy and doesn’t favor portability.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: It is constructed of steel and can be opened under a second. It has a 500 PDI Optical-Biometric Keypad and fingerprint sensor, which was upgraded. It has a dead-bolt locking system which is motorized fitted with two insertion anti-pry slots.

The LCD digital keypad shows battery status and operations. The on/off sound can be programmed and if the door should be left unlocked, it will make warning beeps. The memory can store about 32 fingerprints, with one PIN-code

Construction: It has seamless welding, is laser cut and has a coating of black powder. The interior or the safe is lined with a carpet and has an integrated LED-light.

It also features three fully adjustable shelves, offering security, reliability and can be quickly adjusted. This safe is made in China but designed in the USA.

Storage: As far as internal dimension is concerned, it has a height of 19 inches, width of 11 ½ inches and depth 13 inches. If you have a knack for collecting large guns, this one could be your safest bet.

  • Cons

Being a large safe, this is very heavy and you should consult your architect regarding the weight that the floor can safely balance, especially if your house is old or you want to move the safe on the second floor.

Stack-On GCB-5300RTA-DS Security Plus


This stack-on gun cabinet poses the safest manner for the storage of your guns.

Furthermore, it is designed for the comfort as well as usability for all people who are sharing their enthusiasm for guns.

The California department of justice approved this cabinet as it met their standards for storing firearms securely. These storage cabinet does not compromise its quality for the cost.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: The locking system of this cabinet comprises of a 3 point, superior steel, double fixed lock which is key-coded. The pry bar is as theft-proof as it gets.

I won’t say the lock is invincible but breaking it open will definitely take a lot of time. I’m sure it will buy you enough time to call the cops or take whatever precaution you think is necessary when the occasion presents itself for it.

Construction: The box is constructed from welded steel for superior durability and theft protection. The piano hinge manufactured from full length staked and welded steel, thus supplying better security.

You can be assured that the burglars won’t simply lift your safe and run away with it just like that. Moreover, the steel security cabinet (53”) has three steel shelves which are removable to make maintenance a walk in the park.

Storage: Patented barrel standoffs of Stack-On’s, especially for scoped guns, allows one-position-storage for such scoped rifles. A single glance over the cabinet is enough to guess that it has lots of storage space for pistols, supplies and ammunition.

  • Cons

I feel the shelves rock back and forth, they don’t fit in exact manner. Another drawback is that the safe can’t accommodate 14 long guns, but is able to hold 14 handguns with ease.

Winchester BD-5942-36-7-M Win Big Daddy Series

BD-5942-36-7-M Win Big Daddy Series

When you’re a gun collector, you want to ensure that your collection is secure. Not only should you ensure that the guns remain safe but also ensuring that other people, such as family members would not have access to the guns without your permission.

Winchester BD-5942-36-7-M is worth every penny you’ll pay for it. It has a large storage capacity and can protect and store up to 42 long firearms. It’s fire resistant up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for a good 75 minutes. 

Because it is a UL-listed safe, you are sure that your weapons are secure from burglary attempts.

Aside from the long firearms and the smaller items that you can store inside the safe, it has small and large pockets at the inside of its door panel safely stores smaller guns.

If you’re after gun security and safety, you’ll never find another safe that is comparable to all the safety features this product has to offer. ​Check out the other Winchester safes we love here.

  • Pros

Fire Proof: This safe is able to withstand heat of up to 1400 °F for a maximum of 75 minutes, with the door seal expanding to over six times its size to provide a good barrier against smoke and heat

Construction: Made of 12-gauge steel, has deadbolts, external bolts with 180-degree swing, titanium disk lock, auxiliary re-locker and pry resistance feature.

Has a fixed top shelf to hold smaller items.

  • Cons

Not necessarily a con, but being a large safe, this is very heavy and you should exercise caution and consult your architect regarding the weight that the floor can safely balance, especially if your house is old or you want to move the safe on the second floor.

Best Car Gun Safe Reviews

To travel with your firearm, you need to consider investing in a gun safe for car. Your firearm can never be left unattended in your vehicle. It can easily be stolen or kids can get hold of the weapons and can harm themselves and others.

Below are some of the best car gun safes which were tested, reviewed by us and used by consumers.

[table id=8 /]

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Smart Pistol Safe

If you want something that you can take with you wherever you want, you can try this safe from Vaultek.

With an anti-theft technology and its slight construction, you can slide it in anywhere without any problems.

I just love the battery backup it provides, we had it going on for 3 months and we still have half the juice left. Also, it charges up in 2.5 to 3 hours.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: It is equipped with an upgraded anti-theft protection. This basically includes an opening that holds the lock in place. The anti-pry bar and dual anti-impact latches, along with a couple other features ensure that the safe is impervious to impacts and cannot be breached without going through the security.

However, on an emergency, this won’t deter you from accessing your gun as fast as possible. You can use the keypad or the finger print scanner to have easy access.

Construction: Built specially for portability, the construction is a blend of tough exterior and smaller dimensions. This includes a 16 gauge carbon steel features. Moreover, for further durability, the powder coating can resist corrosion. This is useful because it makes it safer and harder to break in.

Added perks: You can keep track of the battery status by connecting it to your smart phone. That way, you know how long it will hold out before you begin your packing. Not just that, it is even possible to tweak with the interior lightning.

And what’s better is, you can even unlock it with your phone. I really love this Bluetooth feature. It makes it so convenient on the go.

  • Cons

The security is good enough but can be upgraded to something better. Also, I don’t like that it doesn’t allow the option to disable the PIN code altogether.

You know what I mean when your kids can easily crack the four digit PIN you set on your television’s parental control. I am just glad they remembered to add a timeout function with incorrect attempts.

Update (8th December, 2017): Researchers at Two Six Labs have found three security vulnerabilities (code-named BlueSteel) in VT20i.

Vaultek has been notified of this issue and they are actively working on new firmware updates to address a vulnerability.

Anyone immediately concerned about the potential security risk can disable their Bluetooth using the available keypad hotkey toggle (listed in the product user manual). Read more about it here.

Update (12th December, 2017): Vaultek has swiftly tackled this situation by shipping a “quick to install hardware package” for all the current customers. The new models were fixed before they are shipped out. You can read their official statement here.

Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe

Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe

The words reliability and strength are a perfect description of the Fort Knox Personal safe. It would be great design wise too, only if the manufacturers didn’t bother using plastic buttons which deter its looks.

You can easily fit in two pistols along with an extra mag in this bad boy.

Since this is a mechanical safe, you don’t need to bother keeping tabs on the battery life.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: With its mechanical Simplex push-button lock it is easy and quick to use. Potentially it features 1,081 different combinations. Its powder coat finish in antique silver provides an alluring, yet imperishable appearance, posing a sense of quality and strength.

Construction: It has a steel body of 10-gauge steel and its tamper-resistant door of 3/16”, makes this pistol safe impossible to penetrate or even to dent this super guy will be extremely difficult. As protection against an attack the tamper-resistant, heavy duty hinge is located under the door.

In the bottom, the holes which are pre-drilled make it easy and convenient to be secured to a drawer, another flat surface of the floor. The Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe comes with a warranty of a lifetime and is manufactured in the USA.

Storage: For the protection of your guns and other valuable accessories, its interior is lined with a carpet to prevent scratches or damage. Two compact guns can easily be stored in this safe along with a spare mag.

  • Cons

In this otherwise well-built safe, the inclusion of plastic knobs is a glitch I couldn’t overlook. It makes the safe look cheap.

Plastic knobs can break easily if mishandled while opening. It would be a great safe in terms of looks too, only if the manufacturers used different material for buttons.

GunVault Micro Vault XL MVB 1000 Gun Safe


GunVault is a reliable name when it comes to safes for guns. Instant access is provided by the no-eyes patented keypad & biometric pad.

Besides it has a key with which you can access the safe with in case of low battery or when you forget your code.

It can easily accommodate two guns​, a spare mag and your wallet. You can easily secure it to a location with the provided cable.

You can opt for a multi, micro, mini or biometric vault which will give you fast accessibility when it comes to your handgun.

Reliability and security are the main factors when you need a gun safe and GunVault safes have the wanted features. We wish it had enough padding in its interior to prevent the pistol from sliding.

  • Pros

Locking Mechanism: Accurate fittings which are almost impossible to open using hand tools. For easy portability and maximum security, it’s battery powered. The MVB 1000 model utilizes fingerprint recognition for accessibility to the contents of the safe.

An algorithm of high performance is used in achieving quick identification of the registered fingerprints.

Construction: It has a rather low FRR (False Reject Rate) for a given FAR (False Accept Rate). The best part is it can be fixed at almost any place and in any direction you want to. The MVB1000 is able to handle 120 fingerprint-templates.

It comes with a security cable of four foot as a standard feature. It comes with a cable allows securing it to any object that is fixed. This can be a perfect car gun safe as well as for storage at home.

Added Perks: The MicroVault XL Biometric’s self algorithm which is self learning attaches new triviality to the templates for the fingerprints every time some users connect with its fingerprint scanner.

This lead to decreasing the FRR, while it slightly updates small changes which can happen after time with a registered fingerprint. It also assists distinguishing variations.

  • Cons

Not a big issue, but the lid does not stay in an upright position like the picture shows (which is kinda misleading) because it lacks hinges.

Not adequate padding inside to prevent your firearm from scratching.

Liberty 9G HDX-150 MICRO Biometric Safe

9G HDX-150

The 9G HDX-150 MICRO Biometric Safe is part of the Home Defender Series of Liberty Safes. It’s called a smart vault, as it is equipped with 5th generation biometric finger swipe technology to ensure secure and quick access.

The biometric access is highly reliable and can accommodate up to 15 fingerprints from the people you trust.

For its price, the 9G HDX-150 is almost a steal. Consumers find the safe well-made and very secure. It can also be bolted to a flat surface as it has bolt-down holes.

Biometric technology for a car safe is very important to consumers, as it can provide quicker access to their gun when the need arises.

With its dual power (AC and battery), the owner would be able to open the safe quickly when it’s stored in the house or in the car.


  • Very compact.
  • Two power options – a battery or an AC adapter.
  • Accessing the safe only takes about two seconds.
  • Its small size can fit in any available space in your house as well as inside your car.
  • Can store up to two handguns or some valuables.
  • Made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with reinforced latch system, making it resistant to pry attacks.
  • Comes with a security cable for additional safety
  • Has a key backup.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Limited storage space.
  • Its battery wears down quite fast compared to other competing safes.


Gun safes and gun security are currently some of the most debated topics in the society today. In this context, investing in a firearm safe can always offer you a peace of mind that your firearms are securely locked away from any accidents.

It is an important and essential investment to protect your firearms from falling into wrong hands. We tried our best to list the various types of safes (depending on the usage) which we feel are the best in the market currently. 

Also remember that gun safes, notwithstanding their name, can be used for storing jewelry, or other valuables in. It can also be used to make desk and table top safes that can store valuable work items and important documents.

Available in a wide range of prices, we also made an effort to list some of the best gun safes under 1000 USD in this guide which we believe will help you make an informed decision and provide an added protection for you and your family.

While you can go with the safes we recommend, we highly suggest you do your own research before finalizing one for you. Here’s a video which should help.

[mytube id=”6LgKThatkjM” /]

Please let us know if you found any misleading information or discrepancy in this guide and we will get it fixed as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to start a discussion with our team.

As always, keep your family and your firearm safe.​