GunVault Gun Safe Reviews: Affordable Storage for Your Protection

​GunVault Gun Safe Reviews: Affordable Storage for Your Protection

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Owning a gun has become a necessity for most people. We are living at times when there is an increase in crime rate, and most people see the need to defend themselves against home invasion.

A gun that is not securely stored will end up causing more harm than good. If you are living with other people in the house, it is important that you keep the gun out of reach.


Children can and will get curious about the gun and end up harming themselves. A gun safe becomes a priority, as it is your responsibility to protect your ​gun as well as your family and friends.

GunVault offers you a variety of safes that suit your ​firearm storage and protection needs. This review is written to help you decide which model/variant best meets your needs.

GunVault Gun Safe Reviews: Protecting Your Protection

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SVB500 SpeedVault (Biometric)

SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric

This safe has biometric fingerprint scanner and activation button. Once you are done programming it, it will read your fingerprints every time you swipe (takes less than a second).

You don’t have to worry about its failure to recognize your fingerprints (we tried placing our finger from different angles just to be sure and we never had an issue getting in). It can hold up to 20 Individual fingerprints.

It is strongly constructed with 18-gauge steel and the parts are precisely fit making it difficult to break into. If you are not a fan of biometric access, then there’s a combination variant as well. You can set the code combination in a way that is easy to remember.

Even a simultaneous multiple digit (pressing two buttons at once) is allowed to help you set a secure pin to eliminate guesswork. The door opens easily making it easy to access the firearm. Both the variants have a manual override key.

If you are looking for convenience, this is the model for you. This is because it can be mounted anywhere even by the bedside or underneath the bed.

This is a perfect solution for you to store a handgun near your bed or desk for easy access. There’s a space provided for storing an additional magazine. We are not a fan of the mounting screws provided and suggest you get them separately depending on the location you are looking to mount it.

MicroVault XL MVB1000 (Biometric)

MicroVault XL MVB1000 Biometric

The MVB1000 model can handle up to 120 fingerprint templates. It is constructed of 18-gauge steel with protective foam-lined interior to protect your firearm from scratches.

A four foot long and sturdy security cable is included to deter thieves from simply taking it away. The biometric reader is accurate and it comes with a key as a backup in case you forget the code (combination variant) or the battery dies.

The patented no-eyes keypad (that’s what GunVault likes to call it, as there’s no “keypad” entry in the biometric variant and only the first button works which needs to be pressed and then sliding the finger on the sensor opens the safe) ensures access even in the darkness. There’s a combination variant available if you prefer.

It is spacious and the elastic straps provide extra storage. It can hold two standard sized handguns or one handgun with space for ammo, an extra magazine and your wallet. It is light in weight and easy to install. It can be mounted almost anywhere.

Not necessarily a con, but this safe locks if you have five missteps in recognizing your finger. You have to wait for five minutes before you can try again. This might pose an issue in case of an emergency.

GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe

GV2000C DLX Multi Vault Deluxe

The GV2000C is made of 16-gauge steel. The interior soft foam lining provides extra protection. It has ample storage space. It easily holds three to four guns depending on the size (we were easily able to store two full sized M&P’s in one shelf, which are removable) leaving sufficient space to hold a few magazines and rounds of ammunition.

The ‘learn buttons’ make it easy to program over 12 million user-selectable access code. In addition to the ability to use an external power supply, it also has a battery system that uses 9v DC battery for backup. The audio low battery warning protects against unexpected power loss. Two backup override keys are provided as well.

The four button options offer adequate code selection combinations. This makes it difficult for someone to hack the security code and helps avoid the guesswork. The door opens easily.

The one thing which I didn’t like is that the interior light, which is pretty weak and goes out in a few seconds after opening instead of being there as long as the safe is open. I am not really sure what the engineers at GunVault were thinking when they designed the interior light to be that way.

Anyway, I recommend storing a pocket flashlight in the safe to help you access the firearm in the dark if necessary.

GVB2000 Multi Vault (Biometric)

GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric

The GBV2000 comes with sufficient storage space and removable interior shelf. It can easily store two standard sized handguns with plenty of room for an extra magazine and some cash.

It features patented no-eyes keypad (again, the last three of them are dummy buttons, which, I am taking a wild guess here, are there to confuse or deter a thief) with fingerprint scanner holding up to 15 unique fingerprints. It also comes with a set of backup keys.

It has decent interior lighting (a pocket torch is recommended). It features audio low battery warning and blinking LED low battery warning. It has a backup battery powered system to cater for those times when there is power blackout.

The parts are well assembled making it hard to break into or dismantle. It is convenient for domestic use since it can be mounted almost anywhere. It comes with a tamper resistant spring-loaded door and a soft foam interior for extra protection.

My complaints with this safe is that the fingerprint reader may not work if your finger does not align properly or is too dry (try moistening your fingertip). This can be frustrating. Also, there’s no option to mute the beeping sound.


The safety of your gun is a top priority. A gun safe is necessary for every gun holder. However, before you make that purchase, there are several factors to consider like capacity, protection from fire and theft etc.

A good safe should have high quality locking mechanisms. It should keep off children and other intruders. The system should be efficient enough and work well in case you need to access the gun in an emergency situation.

The size of the safe depends on what you want to store in it. The best ones have enough space for more than one firearm, ammunition, spare magazine and a few more items. Ensure that it fits in your room so that you do not incur extra expenses installing it.

Do not believe the notion that expensive means high quality. Some safes are expensive yet they do not offer any special features. Do your homework well so that you do not spend too much money on a safe that would have cost you much less.

Do your research well. Go for safes made of long-lasting material and those that have extra safety features. A safe is not an item you want to keep on buying. Go for the options that offer warranties extending beyond one year. Most safes develop problems after the one-year warranty period.

This review should help you make an informed decision. Please share your experience (positive or negative) at the comments section below if you have purchased any of these.

If you are looking for other brands, then we have also reviewed SentrySafes.

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