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Using a Gun Cleaning Kit: Giving Your Firearm the Care It Deserves

​Using a Gun Cleaning Kit: Giving Your Firearm the Care It Deserves

As a responsible gun owner, you want to ensure that your firearm is properly maintained so that it gives you quality services for longer and doesn’t malfunction when in need.

You understand that one way of caring for your weapon is through a regular and thorough cleaning.

It’s advisable to purchase a gun cleaning kit and follow this simple guide to help you navigate through this process

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1. Gather the Solvents and the Cleaning Kit: A good kit should contain the following items.

  • Cleaning rods: ensure that your rod is made of a softer material than the one on the barrel of your firearm to avoid scratches.
  • Patches: These ensure that the firearm is meticulously clean. Once passed through the bore, they should come out white. Any discoloration indicates the need to run the brushes through the firearm once again. Besides cleaning the bore, the patches can help with the other parts of your weapon.
  • Cleaning brushes: Bronze brushes are recommended for extensive scrapping while nylon options are for lighter cleaning.
  • A jag or loop: It holds the patch in place as you pass it through the firearm.
  • Solvents, degreasers and lubricants: these make the grime and grease easy to remove. The lubricants prevent dust and grime build-up during storage.
  • Gun toothbrush: cleans the nooks and crannies of your firearm

2. Find a Properly Ventilated Area: The solvents and lubricants used in this process have a strong characteristic smell. Ensure that your work area is properly ventilated to allow for fresh air circulation. Avoid smoking during this session as some of these materials are highly flammable.

3. Wear Gloves: some of the cleaning agents may harm your skin after prolonged exposure. The gloves will protect you from the long term effects of these chemicals.

4. Use a Cleaning Tray or a Mat: A tray will ensure that even the smallest of the parts are not lost, otherwise it will render your firearm useless. Protect your surfaces from solvents by using the mat.

5. Dismantle the Gun: You will need to use the user’s manual specific to your weapon. Visit the manufacturers website for more information. Watch YouTube videos for clarity and to help you follow through the process. You can seek the services of a gunsmith if you still feel unsure. Most importantly, ensure that the firearm is not loaded to avoid accidental discharge. Keep the ammo out of reach.

6. Clean: Scrap the interior of your gun using the proper rods and patches. No solvents should be left within the gun. Clean the exterior of the firearm using the toothbrush and scrape all the grime in the nooks and crannies of the weapon.

7. Oil the Firearm: Lubricate the firearm and look out for any signs of rust. Rust has the potential to spread and destroy your gun completely.

8. Reconstruct: Wash your hands and reassemble your firearm according to the instructions manual. Store it in a safe place ready for use.

For those who prefer videos, here’s an excellent tutorial …

Ensure that you give your firearm the necessary care for it to be reliable for years to come.

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