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Major Hollywood Misconceptions on Shootouts

I’m sure you’ve watched a ton of Hollywood movies that involve a lot of guns and shooting. Because of that, you’ve got a lot of ideas and scenarios in mind that involve a lot of awesome adventures and danger.

But did you know that what you see on the television and cinemas may not actually be the real deal? There are a ton of Hollywood misconceptions about shootouts (a real funny one being about silenced weapons) which have people think about weapons the wrong way.

Wondering what they are? Read on!

Here Are Some Major Hollywood Misconceptions on Shootouts

Hollywood Misconceptions on Shootouts

1. You can talk while shooting

One thing everyone must know when handling guns is that combat and shootings are VERY loud, especially when you are nearby multiple people who are shooting at the same time. Even with ear protection, your ears are still ringing from the blasts!

You’ll need to shout and scream to others in order to say something, and even then, some of your comrades won’t be able to hear you. So no, you aren’t able to hold a conversation.

Not only of the noise levels, but who can concentrate on both shooting and saving your lives while talking about something else?

2. Someone with a pistol has a good chance against one with the assault rifle

If someone has a pistol and think they can win over someone with the rifle, then I would have to disagree. The assault rifle has a long range distance, with trained soldiers able to shoot as far as 300 meters away.

For the pistol, however, it has the maximum range of about 50 meters, with it usually being around half of that!

3. You know where the bullets come from

When you hear or feel bullets on you and you aren’t able to see the shooter, then you’ll be confused as to where they are coming from. You can’t tell it from where you are hit, especially if you are battling with a lot of other people.

It’s crucial that you find cover immediately and take time to see your opponents and where you should take fire.

4. Laser lights help a lot

While laser lights can help you know where your gun is pointed at, that doesn’t mean that the bullet will hit it there. The laser points at a straight line, but the rounds you fire would travel in an arch, depending on many factors such as the wind, your breathing, and even your gun’s pattern.

BUT, infrared laser lights are helpful when you are using night vision goggles, improving your aim in the dark.

In Conclusion

Now that you know that there are some misconceptions in movies about shootouts and guns, settle your expectations and make sure that ​you get the feel, familiarizing yourself with weapons and how to use ​them, practicing well and staying safe while doing so.

That will ensure better weapon handling rather than to think something is real based on what was seen in the cinemas.

If you have any opinions or want to share more misconceptions and insights on Hollywood and their idea of shootouts, then do comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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