Mesa Gun Safe Reviews: Nuff Storage, Fire and Burglar-Proof

​Mesa Gun Safe Reviews: Nuff Storage, Fire and Burglar-Proof

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The Mesa Safe Company, which manufactures compact yet complete line of gun safes o​​f high quality, has been around since 1981.

The company’s 36 years of experience translate into gun safes that are of high quality in terms of security, workmanship and material.  

It is recommended that you read consumer reviews of products you buy online to ensure that the product you are interested in is reliable, durable and worth its price.


 Several models ​are available from the company. We reviewed the four we love to help you decide which one best suits your requirements.

Mesa Gun Safe Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Purchase the Best

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MBF7236E-P All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe


Ensuring that your prized collection of guns and other valuables remains safe at home means that you are willing to invest in a safe that is fire-proof, burglary proof and has enough storage room.

MBF7236E-P is a very good option for protecting your handguns and other firearms. 

This particular model has a 60-minute factory rating to withstand up to 1750 °F temperatures and a 2-story impact rating.

It ships with 9v battery for its electronic lock and has 4 pre-drilled anchor holes and anchor kit for fastening it to the floor.

This model has a solid steel construction. It weighs 860 pounds and has a dimension of 24 x 36 x 71 inches. With its 4 removable and adjustable shelves, you’ll be able to neatly store valuables of different sizes.

The MBF7236E-P features an MSL50 – Electronic Lock that is protected by a hard plate that resists drilling. Solidly built, the gun safe’s door has an overall thickness of 4-3/8-inch lined with a layer of fire resistant material to give it overall fire protection. 

Installed are 14 large 1-1/2-inch diameter solid steel bolts, 3-way locking system and heavy-duty hinges made of solid steel.

The body also is lined with fire retardant material and built from 1-5/8-inch steel plate, ensuring that your valuables are safe against theft and fire.

The company fully backs up its products, and provides this model with a limited lifetime warranty.

MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe


Another great model to consider is the MBF5922E with Digital Lock.

Just like the other high-quality safes manufactured by the company, this one has an all steel construction with an overall thickness of 1 1/2 inches.

This model is more luxurious as its interior is fully upholstered and even has decorative spoke handle made of brass.

But this is also a fully secure safe, with its battery-operated electronic lock protected by a spring-loaded relocking device that is activated by a punch.

Similar to the MBF7236E-P, you can also anchor this 528-pound, 20 x 22 x 59-inch safe to the floor with four anchor holes for added security.

The MBF5922E can store up to 14 long rifles and other valuables securely, with the plush interior (door panel, walls and shelves) ensuring that the rifles, as well as other items such as jewelry will not be scratched, dented or damaged.

It has been factory tested under extreme heat and has a 1-hour 1750°F fire rating. The company ensures the safety of your valuables by installing twelve pieces of dead bolts and 1 1/2-inch diameter solid steel lock and dead bolts.

The company says that even if the lock was successfully removed, it will continue to protect the safe with its drill resistant hard plate.

Customers who bought this from Amazon did not post any negative comment, attesting to the excellence of this product.

MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe


For long firearm enthusiasts, the MBF6032E is the perfect solution to properly and securely store their gun collection and other highly valuable items.

It can store up to 30 long firearms securely within its fully upholstered interior.

You can adjust the shelves, store 20 rifles and make room for other valuables. The model also has four pre-drilled holes to securely anchor it to the floor.

It’s one of the top choices among the ultimate products for storing guns and valuables.

It is 5 feet high and constructed from 1 1/2 inches thick steel. It’s a heavy piece of storage cabinet, weighing more than 650 lbs.

It may look old fashioned but its security features are formidable.

The battery-operated electronic keypad is programmable to include time-delay and customized keypad code. The locking mechanism includes 3 1-inch diameter solid steel deadbolts and 4 1 1/2-inch live locking bolts.

A drill resistant hard plate protects the locking mechanism itself. It is tested in 1,750°F temperature for a maximum of one hour fire rating and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This model is one of the best anti-fire and anti-burglar gun safes you’ll find in the market.

The only major complaint received by this model is on keypad failure, although the owner has been using the unit for a number of years.

MBF1512E Burglary and Fire Safe


You can say that the model MBF1512E is small but its formidable because it is solidly constructed just like the other​s from Mesa​.

It is 18.8 x 17.2 x 20 inches in size and weighs 139 pounds. Despite its size it has all the security features and is fire and burglar-proof.

It has a fire safety rating of 2 hours, tested in temperatures reaching 1830 °F, which is more than the rating of bigger safes.

The MBF1512E can be anchored to the floor through its pre-drilled anchor hole. It has a battery operated electronic lock; pry-resistant heavy duty hinges for added security and large 1-inch diameter live locking bolts.

These bolts go through the hard steel body of the safe. Its all-steel solid construction makes the MBF1512E very durable and strong, protecting its contents from heavy physical attacks from thieves.

Just like the bigger models, its electronic lock is also protected by a drill resistant hard-plate. A keypad lockout feature provides additional protection.

It is activated when someone incorrectly enters multiple code combinations, thus preventing an unauthorized person from using the keypad lock further.


Mesa manufactures high quality gun ​storage solutions that are slightly higher in price than its competitors like Cannon, but the products are worth every dollar you pay for them.

Use ​our guide to learn more about the different features of each model from the company. We are sure that you’ll be able to find one that conforms to your requirements (you can always extend the storage space using a door organizer for that matter).

It’s in your best interest to invest in a gun storage product that is not only durable but also long lasting. That is why it is helpful to read reviews to ensure that you find the right product.

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