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What Would One Do If They Were Robbed at Gunpoint in Their Car?

There are many things people think of when driving. Whether it’s a long road trip or stuck in a traffic jam, our minds tend to wander and we start to prepare for any pretend situations that happen.

One of them would be what would happen if ever you got robbed at gunpoint while in your car!

While this is a serious and scary situation, it’s actually something that happens in real life and you should be prepared for it!

But what would one do in the first place?

Robbery in Car

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Here are some ideas.

What To Do If We’re Robbed At Gunpoint In Our Car?

There are two main things people would do. It’s either to let it be and value their lives, or to fight for their car. Here are the reasons why one would choose such reasons.

Giving In

My first thought would be to stop in my tracks and freeze. When you are faced with such a situation and your life is on your hands, you may not have the proper coping mechanisms or the fast reflexes to figure out what to do.

After all, there are consequences to anything you may do, especially if you fight without knowing the outcome or have no defense skills.

So if you are one without any skills in fighting or have no​t fired a gun even once, then I would rather give the keys or leave it in the engine, and run. I would run as far as I can to avoid getting shot.

This is the only way I know that my life is spared and I can get away with the act. Sure, I’ll be shaking, but I value my life and at least I know I’m alive.

Also, there are some instances where you aren’t able to carry your gun with you to certain places, including your car. This factor may end up with me not being able to properly defend myself, thus needing to run rather than to fight with my bare hands against someone who has more of a chance to win.

If I have a kid or passengers in the back, then yes, I would rather run and protect them rather than to fight and risk all our lives.

Fighting for The​ Car

I won’t fight because I want to and yearn to look tough and like a big shot. I will fight because it’s what will give me the opportunity to find out what’s next. That is why I would want a weapon under my car seat or accessible when inside my vehicle to take care of the just-in-cases.

You never know who has a weapon and would threaten me for my car, and if it did happen, I would have the opportunity to put my weapon to good use and save my life, the car, and whoever is inside the vehicle.

But of course, I will need to make sure to sharpen up my skills in shooting and ensure that I use my weapons responsibly. Justice will be served that way. BUT, I’ll keep in mind that I will shoot and kill to spare my life, which may end up with my breaking the law. 

But ​if it’s all about survival and ensuring that m​e and my family is safe, then fighting is the way to go.

In Conclusion

So these are the possible situations I would follow if ever I do get robbed of my car at gunpoint. If you’d like to share your insights, then comment down below. I would love to hear about what you have to think about this!

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