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Opinion of Characters from FRIENDS on Gun Safety

​Opinion of Characters from FRIENDS on Gun Safety

The topic of gun safety is quite important, even if you don’t happen to own any guns of your own. In fact it’s such an important topic that even characters who star in classic sitcoms have something to say about it.

Unfortunately, gun safety tends to be overlooked because it’s considered common knowledge. Sometimes, it takes the ones we grew up with on television talking about it to remind us of just how essential gun safety can be – no matter how silly it might seem.

So without further ado, here are the iconic characters from FRIENDS (not the actors, but the fictional character they portray), talking to you about gun safety.

FRIENDS' opinion on Gun Safety

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FRIENDS’ Opinion on Gun Safety

Chandler Bing Talks about Gun Safety

For those of you who are aware of my lovable (with a hint of desperate) self, guns and I go about as well as Ross and the sun – I mean, the tanning salon. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s not at all American to wet yourself at the mere thought of handling these shiny death dealing remotes… and I agree. Moving on.

A lot of people put a whole bunch of rules on gun safety and how you’re supposed to follow them to the letter if you don’t want to get anyone (yourself included) killed. You know what I think though? There should only be one rule: don’t even touch the stuff. Hey, it might just be one rule but it’s flexible!

You can pretend that you don’t see it, you can scream like a little girl and run off at the sight of it, or you can wet yourself. Why even have gun safety to begin with? Gun and safety do not mix. It’s like Ross and the sun. Yes I used that joke earlier. But guns make me uncomfortable and being uncomfortable is precisely where all my jokes come from.

But hey, that’s just my opinion and most of the time I talk to hear my own voice (and in this case, type). I also talk until someone stops me and since there’s no-one yelling at me to stop, I think I’ll keep going then. I’m not blind. I know that this day and age owning a gun tends to teeter on responsible, which makes it the lesser of two evils. See, now I’m being poetic, and that only means I’m very, very uncomfortable.

If you must own a gun, and I’m assuming you’re of legal age and have a license, then for the love of all things holy, keep it somewhere safe and locked up. Keep it in a place only you can reach and if you have children, does it even need to be said? You can ignore my single rule and get it for safety’s sake, but you’re going to have to enforce that rule on your kids, no exception. Even the wet yourself part.

Dr. Ross Eustace Geller, Ph. D., Talks about Gun Safety

This isn’t a joke right? Chandler and Monica aren’t hiding in another room somewhere, turning this whole thing into a prank at my expense? I just have to talk about my opinions on gun safety? Are you sure this doesn’t involve the holiday armadillo in any way shape or form? Fine then… but I’m on to you.

 Okay then, real talk. Gun safety isn’t a joke, it’s isn’t something to be taken lightly. You hear that Chandler? Not everything has to be a joke! I know you’ve got some kind of hidden wire here… I can smell the copper.

Seriously though, even if this might just be a prank, I do have a few things I want to say about gun safety. Enough people have hurt themselves and others because they didn’t take the necessary precautions. There’s a difference between being crazy like Phoebe and being crazy enough to not take guns seriously.

It’s like being in a relationship… or pursuing a career in basketball. You can’t just take it for granted because it’s not going to end well for you, and you’re going to become a paleontologist instead and you’re going to have the idea for Jurassic Park taken from you and… wait, getting off track here.

The fact is, you have people in your life you care about. You want to protect them. If the solution for you is owning guns (and I won’t judge), then keep it out of reach of the rest of the family. Even if that gun hasn’t had a bullet in it since the day it was conceived, treat the thing like it’s loaded every single time. 

It isn’t my place to disapprove if your reason for owning guns isn’t for you or your family’s safety, but that doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible. Because if I end up dying over someone’s questionable values – they are so, very haunted.

Phoebe Buffay Talks about Gun Safety

Gun safety? From me, really? I thought you’d never ask! After all, I know what it’s like to have lived in the streets growing up, fending for myself. True, I’m not very proud that I might have mugged a certain dinosaur lover’s comic book all those years ago, but that’s beside the point. I’ve seen how ugly things can get, and I know I enjoy playing the fool sometimes (okay, I enjoy it a lot), but there’s more to me than meets the eye… bet you can’t guess what I have in my pocket.

Anyway, gun safety is more of a crash course on common sense. Still, there’s been enough proof to go around that common sense isn’t exactly common anymore. So this stuff is worth repeating. If you’re thinking about owning a gun or already do, you’d better treat that thing like it’s your reincarnated mother in cat form.

Keep it safe from all harm and do not, I repeat, do not let anyone else handle it. That’s like a guy letting someone else handle his… you know. His taxes. It just doesn’t work, no matter how good you think you are at accounting! Trust me, I’ve tried.

And as being the model person of someone you can trust always, you can take it from me. Do you have a safe around? Like, you know, those things they have at banks. That’s where you can stash your guns. That way, if anyone tries to steal them, they’re out of luck!

Oh, make sure to write down the pass code as well? Just because you want to keep guns away from everyone else doesn’t mean you have to lock it from yourself. Unless you want to, not judging.

Monica Geller-BingTalks about Gun Safety

So you wanna hear about guns from me? Why? What do I know that the people of the world don’t already know about guns? They shoot things, and they cause a great big mess no matter how they’re used. America, bang bang, rah rah rah.

Still, it always helps to be prepared when it comes to owning guns, and while I might not know too much about how to use them (I would rather use my fists), I do know that you’re taking on a responsibility if you happen to own guns.  

And responsibility, just like anything else in life, translates to keeping them clean as a whistle and stored somewhere safe. You know, so they don’t collect dust. Yeah, it keeps them safe from prying hands too. I mean, who would want to deal with cleaning off dirty little fingerprints?

Guns should only be used for sport or home security. So they’re probably not gonna see much use depending on which of the two you prefer. Still, I recommend cleaning your death dealing firecrackers with the right equipment.

Get yourself one of those cleaning rods, a brush, a toothbrush and a good amount of lube. What? This is about gun safety? Well if your gun is dirty how is it possibly going to be safe to handle? Cleanliness is next to gunliness!

I’m serious about keeping them stored somewhere safe too. You don’t want anyone else getting their dirty hands on guns – particularly Phoebe. You just know she’s got some experience handling them, but these aren’t her guns darn it, it’s yours. You keep it safe and stored away so you can look at it now and again and admire how clean it is. Then you dismantle them to clean it again.

Rachel Green Talks about Gun Safety

So, we should probably get one thing straight before I go on about this. I’m not exactly your go-to specialist when it comes to guns. Or swords. Or axes, or weapons of mass destruction of any kind.

The closest I ever got to handling a gun was when… well, I probably shouldn’t even mention just in case there are children reading this. Still though! Even someone like me with a negative amount of experience on the subject matter can give out her two cents on the topic of gun safety. Heck, I’ve got a whole dollar if you’re interested.

Thing is, there can be a ton of reasons why anyone would want to own a gun. Would you happen to be American? That’s reason number eight right there! Granted, I don’t really know much about guns but I do get why people have them. Particularly when you want to be secure about home safety.

As self-proclaimed best fashionista-slash-mother in the planet, you need to keep your family safe. Actually you know what? I need to have a talk with Ross about possibly having one for home protection. Maybe get one that matches with my shoes.

If you’re serious about owning a gun yourself, don’t be a cowboy. Actually, the don’t be a cowboy philosophy extends to much more than just gun ownership (trust me). But as a mother, I can’t compromise my girl’s safety by storing a hypothetically fashionable gun anywhere within her reach.

This means you’ll probably have to tape it to the ceiling – or you know, invest in a cabinet or a safe. Thing is, I shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions about where to put guns. It doesn’t mean you get to be as spoiled about it though!

Joey Tribbiani Talks about Gun Safety

Hey, how you doin’? Well… being a goofball is all well and good, but there’s a big difference between guns and bubble wrap, such as bubble wrap being a lot more fun to handle honestly. At least with that you don’t have to worry about blowing your hand off, because when you’re handling guns you need to be absolutely on-point.

And by on-point I mean safe. I don’t mean to point it at anybody! Just to be clear, I don’t wanna be held responsible for anything I might do or say… unless it has to do with bubble wrap.

Listen, it’s all about commitment. If you’re not going to be committed to gun safety, then it’s just best not to own a gun at all. The things that a gun is capable of… you can’t just take it back. Like the Discovery Channel. It’s amazing how many uses pee has in emergency situations.

Guns are the same way, and if you use them wrong well… it’s not something even pee can solve. Would you go out on a blind date without a condom? It’s all about protection. Home protection. Which… a gun provides. Your gun. Wow, it’s hard to get your point across with gun safety. I mean you don’t point guns at people – you see how hard it is?!

Anyway, the point is, you keep your guns in a safe place and you keep everyone else safe in the process. Everyone’s happy, and when everyone’s happy someone orders pizza. That’s about the happiest ending you can possibly get!


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