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Protecting Your Ears: Do Gun Silencers/Suppressors Help?

​Protecting Your Ears: Do Gun Silencers/Suppressors Help?

When handling a gun, there are things you’ll need to take note of. It isn’t just about the way you target and shoot, but the protection needed when training and pulling the trigger. You might be surprised to know that you’ll need ear protection while handling guns.

When in movies, you find actors shooting like it’s no big deal, but in real life, that isn’t the case. When you pull the trigger, you won’t only hear a crack or huge shot. Firearms are VERY loud, and if not used properly, it can damage your hearing for the long-term.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn about the sound it makes, how much your ears can take, and the safety measures to follow to save your hearing.

So read on as I show you everything about the gun’s sound and the use of suppressors.

How Loud Are Guns Anyway?

Before we get into the right way to suppress the gun’s sound, let’s tackle how loud it is first. Almost all firearms without a silencer or suppressor would generate a noise that’s over 140 decibels. Small rifles would create a sound of about 140 decibels, while big-bore rifles and pistols would produce sounds that can go over 175 decibels.

But sometimes, it can be louder than that, depending on where you are shooting. For those who shoot in closed areas where the sounds can vibrate or bounce off certain structures, it would make the noise even louder, increasing the risk of hearing conditions.

Other things that may make the gun louder would be adding accessories, such as muzzle breaks and other modifications.

And do you know how much decibels our ears can handle? People exposed to noise that can go over 140 decibels have the possibility of damaging their hearing permanently!

Protecting Your Ears: Do Gun Suppressors Help?

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Let’s see it this way: A normal conversation is around 60 decibels, and a loud concert is around 120 decibels.

You can only take so much in a particular period of time.

Sounds that go beyond 85 decibels is already harmful if you are exposed to them often and for long periods of time, especially if you aren’t wearing the proper protection.

So imagine if you are exposed to extremely loud sounds every time you are shooting. Even just one loud shot can risk your ears’ health!

How Do Gun Suppressors Work?


The consequences of being exposed to loud sounds is dire. Either it will affect your hearing and greatly reduce its capabilities, or you will damage it forever, with you losing your sense of hearing!

And I’m sure you won’t want that, which is why there are accessories that can help with the gun’s noise, which is the suppressor.

No, there is no such thing that can completely silence a gun shot as shown in the movies. I would rather call it what it really is: The gun suppressor. Why?

It can only reduce the noise to a certain amount, and this depends on your gun and the type of suppressor you invest in.

A suppressor works by reducing the pressure waves from the propellant gases of a gun when shot. But that is only one part of what makes a gunshot loud. There are other primary and minor sources of noise that the gun makes, still making it loud, but safer for your ears.

Are They Really Quiet?

Like what I mentioned, gun suppressors aren’t quiet as a whisper. They can only reduce the noise levels to a certain extent. There is no exact amount of decibels a suppressor would reduce. It can only reduce the noise to about 14 to 43 decibels, with a huge range because of other factors such as the barrel, suppressor, or the bullet.

So with that being said, it’s a significant amount that it suppresses, and when you match it with the right ear protection, it greatly reduces the risk of hearing conditions or damage.

I urge you to use a gun silencer because it isn’t only safe, but it helps with your accuracy and reduces the fatigue you feel from firing.

It can also help reduce the risk of revealing your position by getting rid of the flash, which is essential for hunters and the military.

And with new gun laws requiring suppressors on guns, it’s truly worth the investment to protect your hearing as much as you can.

Safety Precautions to Take When Handling a Firearm

Besides using a suppressor, what are other ways on how you can keep your hearing safe when firing guns? Here are some tips to follow:

  • When shooting, consider where you’ll be training or firing the trigger. As much as possible, never shoot in closed areas, especially rooms in your home, without hearing protection like earplugs or a strong backstop.
  • ALWAYS wear hearing protection such as earplugs or earmuffs during cold weather.
  • Ensure that you handle the gun properly and that it’s away from the ears. Keep your position relaxed but strong, with it being able to take the recoil and sound when you pull the trigger.
  • Continue to practice with ear protection and the silencer, getting used to the sound. Never go without these two things and always have your ears checked by a doctor if you feel like you have a hearing problem because of poor handling of the gun.

In Conclusion

If you plan on getting a gun or have already started training, then be prepared for the loud bang! Fortunately, there are ways on how you can reduce the volume when pulling the trigger, and that’s through protection and the right accessories.

Through a quality suppressor and the proper handling of a gun, you’ll reduce the risk of ear injuries greatly.

I hope that this article on gun suppressors helped you become more knowledgeable on what to do when it comes to keeping yourself safe while using firearms.

So don’t wait any longer and start investing in the right accessories to protect your ears and also check these gun safe reviews to prevent your firearm from getting into the wrong hands!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences when handling your firearm, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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Uhm, maybe not a shotgun, but automatic assault rifles (e.g. AK-s) can be muffled to the sound of click-click-click of the firing pin. Also, it suppresses the flames which is very useful at night.

Thank you for sharing your views, Simon. Yeah, sub-sonic ammunition should help contribute to the silence there.

What? Please share evidence. Most rifle ammo is supersonic and even when subsonic it still is louder than click click. Please don’t misinform.

You got me when you said that you must use ear protection and a suppressor when you’re in a range to protect your ears. My husband and I are interested in practicing our guns. We want to make sure that we can use them without being distracted because of loud noises. We don’t also want to suffer from hearing loss, so we’ll do all your tips when we shop for the accessories.

That’s good to know that suppressor would help reduce the damage to your ears. I would think that would help your hearing stay good over time. Plus they look pretty cool, so I’ll have to consider getting one.

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