Protecting Your Piece Annual Scholarship Program


$1000 Protecting Your Piece Scholarship Program Plus $100 Gift Voucher

Protecting Your Piece is an expert team that provides earnest reviews on the best gun safes available in the market. The professional reviewers review every type of gun safe ranging from budget gun safes to spacious safes for gun aficionados. We have put forth some of the best safes by highlighting their features as well as bringing into limelight their gains and losses. Below is an example:

Best Gun Safes Reviews Guide

This scholarship program is to encourage students, who have an affinity towards learning about weapons and firearms, to participate and enlighten us as well. Yet, the prime purpose is to spread an awareness regarding the safe use of guns. Read along to know more about the awareness.

In this tech-driven society, we have always wanted the best. The best means ‘luxury’. Are we turning megalomaniac? Is the crime rate increasing due to this greed for grandeur? A partly YES to that! The idea of possessing a licensed gun in today’s date is a necessity but misuse of the rights is punishable. So here we are to offer a scholarship to students while creating an awareness that gun is legal but crime is illegal. 

The $1000+$100 Scholarship program* is for under graduate as well as alumnus students who are enthusiastic about guns and their safety use. The scholarship would be paid annually till the completion of the course or 3 years (whichever is less).

T&C: The $100 gift voucher would be presented for the first year only.​

Participation Criteria

We recognize the power of the written words online and offline and want to help the creative minds exhibit their ideas and opinion in this area.

To participate in this scholarship program you will have to research and create a piece of content between 500-1500 words on the topic​

“Crime and guns go hand in hand​”

  • Is gun control a serious issue?
  • Are guns more misused than being used righteously?
  • What is the crime statistics after the possession of guns legally?

The applicant who presents the best piece of content shall receive a $1000 scholarship and an additional $100 Gift Voucher that can be used either in course materials or other resources. The Eligibility Criteria has been mentioned in detail below.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Applicant must be a student at college or University
  • Must be a student (Grad/Undergrad) majoring in business,communications or web-based technology.
  • GPA no bar.

How To Apply?

In order to apply for the Protecting Your Piece Scholarship Program, please submit your application to [email protected] with the below mentioned information.

  • Legal Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Current or Future Educational Institution (your college or university)
  • Current or Upcoming Degree Program
  • Estimated Graduation Month and Year
  • Proof of Enrollment in or Acceptance to Your Educational Institution

Try to be as creative as possible; your aim should be to exhibit your genuine interest in the said topic as well as your inclination towards technology and how they relate to the topic

Scholarship Schedule

Deadline for Submission: 12th December, 2017

Announcement of Result: 31st January, 2018

*Scholarship will be awarded on or before April 31st, 2018

This isn’t a recurring scholarship.


All application submissions must be 100% original and creative and shall include no copied or plagiarized material. It must be true and complete to the best of your knowledge. Any applicant who is found to have copied or plagiarized the content in order to apply for this scholarship will be disqualified.

Any application found to have contained falsified information will be disqualified. Applicants should have a genuine interest in the field of social media marketing and be pursuing an educational program related to the aforementioned field.


All entries submitted to in connection with our Scholarship Contest, along with all copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights associated therewith, become the property of Protecting Your Piece upon submission.

Entry materials will not be returned to any entrant. By submitting an entry, you acknowledge that if you win a scholarship award, we will own all rights to publish and promote the submission.