SentrySafe Gun Safe Reviews: Protecting Your Protection

​SentrySafe Gun Safe Reviews: Protecting Your Protection

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The Second Amendment gives you and the citizens of the US, a right to bear a firearm.

Many people feel s​ecure carrying a concealed handgun or keeping one at home because of the rising crime rates in the country. 

However, guns can also be dangerous if not handled properly and can endanger the lives of not only the gun owner but everyone in his or her household. 

So as a responsible gun owner, you also ​need to secure your firearms​ and keep them away from prying hands.  This is where SentrySafe comes in.

SentrySafe is your go-to company to provide you a proper storage place for your firearms and help ​prevent unauthorized usage. They have specifically designed their line of safes for gun storage and security.  


These ​are constructed from solid steel with advanced locking technology and even interior lighting.  They also come in a variety of sizes and unique features that will suit any of your needs. 

There are a variety of models available to choose from.  We’re going to take a look at some of the best variants to help you pick one suitable for your needs.

SentrySafe Gun Safe Reviews: Recognizing the Best of the Best!

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QAP2EL, Quick Access Pistol Safe (Two Pistol Capacity)

QAP2EL Quick Access Gun Safe Two Pistol Capacity

If you are new to collecting firearms and are looking for a gun safe, then your search is over. The model QAP2EL is the​ one you are looking for if you own or recently bought your first handgun.  

This allows you to store two standard-sized handguns or a larger gun like the Desert Eagle Mark XIX (10 inch barrel length) with enough space for ammunition.

​It is also equipped with a compression gas strut that allows for the safe to open quick and quietly allowing for discreet access to the gun.  With interior LED lights, you can grab your gun even in the dark. 

Constructed from solid steel and a pry-resistant door to make sure to protect it against from unauthorized access to your guns.  The safe is also constructed up to certification standards of the California Department of Justice requirements.

There have been some reports where the battery life​ doesn’t last for a long time and would need replacing after a few months of use.  Aside from this, however, this is ​a perfect solution for your gun storage needs as it provides not only safety, but comfort and accessibility.

Here’s a quick video from the manufacturer

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EF4738E, XX Large Fire/Water Resistant Digital Safe

EF4738E Fire and Water Resistant Safe

Sometimes safety and security goes beyond your standard firearm.  You may want to store more valuable items such as jewelry or expensive items and do not feel ​content leaving them lying around.  

You will need an all-purpose safe that will give you the same assurance of s​ecurity and protection.  This is where the SentrySafe’s EF4738E XX comes into play.

​It is not only strong but is so durable that is designed to keep your valuables protected f​​rom fire and water hazards. ​It is able to give you up to ½ hour protection from fire of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

​It is water-resistant of up to 12 inches of water and can even survive it for up to 72 hours. 

It also has 9 locking bolts to ensure that the​ door cannot be pried open and will prevent unauthorized access to your valuables. You can even bolt ​it to the floor for added peace of mind that your safe cannot just simply be stolen away.

One of the complaints for this​, however, is that in some pieces, the door got stuck and was unable to open. A small number of customers had complained that they needed to call in a professional to open the doors of their safes.

However, that seemed like factory defect and could easily be replaced.

QAP1BE, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe (Single Gun Capacity)

QAP1BE Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe Single Gun Capacity

Using a safe that requires a key can be a hassle, especially, if you are in a possible house break-in scenario.  You might end up fumbling through your keys to find the right one and may even clumsily try to open it. 

The few seconds you are doing that could really spell the difference.

This is the answer to those looking for a fast and stealth approach. QAP1BE has a biometric finger scanner which means that the only way to open the lock is through your finger and no one else can get to your gun except you.

This added ​feature makes this more protected and decreases the chances where nobody except you (or your spouse) could get hold of your gun. 

Just like QAP2EL variant we described earlier, ​it is built from solid steel to ensure that the safe cannot simply be broken into.  It also has the compression gas strut that allows you to open the lid as quickly and silently as possible.

Some customer reviews have mentioned that there were times that the scanner doesn’t always work and that there were times they had to enter their finger multiple times before the lock disengaged and allow them to access the firearm.

T0-331, XX Large Digital Lock Safe

T0 331 XX Large Digital Lock Safe

T0-331 is more than just a gun safe, it is able to accommodate many of your valuables including documents, passports, jewelry and many other items.  This will make sure all your valuables are protected.

The digital lock for this safe includes a programmable keypad and allows entry of up to an eight digit combination.  There are also multiple user options.

This makes ​it not only reliable in locking your items but allowing only specific people with combinations to access the safe.  

Security is the number one priority and that’s what you will get with ​T0-331.  It has a solid steel construction and a pry-resistant door that will make sure that whatever is inside the safe will stay inside the safe and keep unauthorized access and whatever you store remains inside and not in the hands of others.

The only con is the lack of interior lighting. It gets quite dark inside. However, this isn’t a huge issue and a small flashlight (which can be stored inside this) can fix it for you.


SentrySafe prides itself as the company to go to when it comes to safety and protection for your firearms and other valuable possessions.  

Their list of products from gun safes to standard variants depict that security is their priority and that they want to make sure that they can provide the best products available to consumers.  

These reviews are here to help you make the decision of what is best for you and your family.

If you have purchased one, then please share your experience with our readers. We’d love to hear what you have to say. Also, if you are looking for alternative brands, then you can’t go wrong with Mesa safes.

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