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Six Mind-Blowing Facts about Snipers

Snipers are one of the most skilled shooters all over the world. You may have seen them in Hollywood movies, video games, the military, or even when hunting and professional shooting.

That’s because of their efficient shooting and the fact that they have a wide range and power that can kill and target game from far places.

But what else can the sniper do and what other cool facts to know about it? Read on as I show you six mind-blowing facts about snipers!

Here Are Some Amazing Facts about Snipers


1. The most successful woman sniper in history is Lyudmila Pavlichenko from Russia, who has a whopping 309 kills. For the males, Simo Hayha is one of the most powerful, killing 505 people in 100 days. Another notable incident was the two-man sniper team of the Royal Marines, who each killed people at an 860 meter range with strong winds. They fires exactly 17 meters to the left of the target because the bullet would be bending with the wind.

2. The longest sniper kill so far is from an unknown Australian during the Way in Afghanistan. The distance was an amazing 2.815 kilometers! The next longest sniper kill was 2.47 kilometers, made by Craig Harrison. And get this, he killed two Talibans with consecutive shots in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in November 2009! It was an amazing feat, as it’s almost impossible to do the same show-distance (successfully) two times in a row.

3. Snipers were actually first called sharpshooters, as they used a Sharps rifle. Surprising that it has nothing to do about having a sharp eyesight or aim. The verb “snipe” was from any hunter adept to kill a snipe, which is a bird with a long and slender bill.

4. The first time the term snipers were used, or the documentation of snipers started, was during the American Revolution. This was when colonies hid in trees and show British troops with rifles.

5. Snipers do NOT work alone, usually. They would work in pairs, having a spotter holding a weapon that has a short range in order to protect the sniper himself, who has the long-range weapon. They would also exchange places to avoid eye fatigue.

6. During the war, the British would use paper-mache dummies so it would draw sniper fire. They would even light fake cigarettes to make these figures more realistic. And once the dummy would be fired at from the sniper, soldiers would then use triangulation to know where the sniper’s location is, using artillery to destroy him.

In Conclusion

Aren’t those facts about snipers mind-blowing?

Not only does it have you more knowledgeable about the awesome things snipers can do, but you’ll now also know what to expect from these people, giving them more respect with their job.

I hope that this article on the sniper facts helped you become more knowledgeable on the wonders of the weapon.

If you’d like to share more or about your experience as a sniper, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think!

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