Best Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews: Reliable, Secure and Fireproof

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Steelwater is a company which offers reliability, security and fireproofing. It has safes that can hold up to 45 long guns. They are secure and protect your firearms and ammunition.

They can prevent unauthorized persons from getting access to the guns while protecting them from fire and natural disasters. If you’re a gun enthusiast, then Steelwater is a recommended brand for you because the company designs safes with your needs in mind.


We’ve taken the hard work of picking and reviewing the best safes the company offers. Check out our review below to gather vital information about their products so you can make the right choice.

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews: The Name You Can Count On

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AMLD593024-BLK Long Gun Fireproof Safe

Steelwater AMLD593024-BLK

If you would like to invest on a heavy duty and fireproof gun safe, this one offers the best bang for your buck. At a modest price, you’ll be able to keep up to 22 long guns in a handsome yet secure container.

It can resist heat of up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. In case of fire, it has a fire seal that expands to keep smoke and heat out.

Outside, this measures 59 inches high, 30 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It weighs 555 pounds and is fully carpeted inside for added protection for your firearms. The hard plate is 8 times drill resistant.

It protects the lock, re-locker, linkages and gear drive. The composite door is 5-inches thick so it cannot be easily destroyed by strong force. It has 18 huge locking bolts that add to its strength. The shelf will not sag or break easily for it has two steel channel plates and shelving clips.

Your firearms will be secure for the safe comes with different locking options. It is built with a standard group 2 combination lock, a LaGard digital keypad and key lock in dial. The LaGard UL listed lock is an upgraded combination lock.

It even has two re-lockers inside so even if the lock outside is punched or attacked your guns are secure. The gear drive linkage systems prevent drill attacks and other forceful attempts.

AMSWFB-450 Burglary and 2-Hour Fireproof Safe

Steelwater AMSWFB-450

Steelwater also makes fireproof home safes, and this one is a highly recommended for home or office use.

It is fire-resistant for up to 2 hours of 1850 degrees Fahrenheit heat, with 2 heavy duty external hinges and a door that swings up to 180 degrees. It measures 17 ¾ high, 20 1/8 inches wide and 20 ½ inches deep, so it is not designed for long guns.

If you are not a hard-core gun collector and you only have handguns, this safe suits you.

It holds up to 1.22 cubic feet volume and weighs 235 pounds. The shelf is adjustable so you are free to fit your valuables inside. It comes with pre-drilled anchor hole and chrome plated locking bolts.

It features a full length interlocking system on the hinge and a re-locker that keeps your valuable secure even from drill attacks.

You can lock the safe in two ways. One is the standard group 2 combination dial with vision guard. You can upgrade to LaGard digital keypad for faster access for you just have to key in your chosen code to open the lock. No matter what you choose, these two are reliable and secure.

AMSWFB-450 may not be designed for long guns, but if you own one or a few handguns that you want to keep together with your valuables, it is still highly recommendable. For a low price, you can protect your prized possessions such as your jewelries, important documents and money from fire and thieves.

AMSWD-530 2-Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe

Steelwater AMSWD-530

Like AMSWFB-450, this safe offers 2 hours fire protection but is bigger to allow more storage. It resists heat of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours, is built with two steel inner walls and door and a highly secure locking system.

Measuring 14 1/8 inches high, 12 9/16 inches wide and 12 3/16 inches deep, it has an interior capacity of 1.44 cubic feet. Its door swings at 180 degrees.

Inside, you will find a removable drawer, anchoring hole and adjustable shelf. It boasts combination and dual locking system. The dial has a pre-set, unchangeable combination.

To open the safe, both locks have to be unlocked. Your handguns, documents and other prized possessions are secure in this safe that has 4 solid steel locking bolts.

AMSWEL-530 2-Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe

Steelwater AMSWEL-530

Last in our list is another fireproof safe that’s great for keeping your handguns, valuables and documents.

It is fire rated at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 2 hours. It has the same size and capacity as AMSWD-530, and the features are almost identical except for the locking system.

The hinge side has two stationary rectangular bolts and a pre-drilled half-inch diameter anchor hole. You can use the drawer to store smaller items such as jewelries. The shelf is adjustable, making it easier to fit more items inside.

Your precious belongings are protected with this product’s security features. Aside from the solid steel locking bolts, it is equipped with a re-programmable digit combination locking system. You can use 4 to 16 digits in a non-volatile memory.


Steelwater is one of the leading makers of safes because it knows what the customers need. It has a range of products that will suit every need and budget.

After reading these four Steelwater gun safe reviews, determine your needs and match it with the featured products.  Surely, you will find one that fits your requirements.

Here’s an interesting video where a guy tries to break open one of the safes from Steelwater.

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In choosing a gun safe, the most important considerations include fire rating, thickness, locking system and door construction and purpose (it could be anything from ​keeping ​firearms out of children’s reach ​to a fire hazard or burglary).

Size also matters for you should be able to store all the items you want to secure.

It is best to invest on a high quality gun safe that will protect your prized possessions, so it pays to do your homework by reading valuable information about your preferred products for you to make an informed decision.

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