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The Three Worst Range Weapons You Should Probably Avoid Using

There are different types of guns one can use. Different manufacturers all over the world create different gun models and types, and it’s up to you to get whatever looks good in terms of its size and performance.

While we always think about what the best gun to use is, have you ever wondered about what you SHOULDN’T use?

You can find all sorts of lists about the best weapon, but we haven’t really wondered about the worst range weapon throughout the history.

But what are they?

Read on as I show you the worst range weapons that you shouldn’t buy!

The Three Worst Range Weapons

Based on research and opinions from many other users, here are the three worst weapons you can use:

Imperial Japanese Pistol/Sword

Imperial Japenese Pistol Sword

This is a cross between a gun (Nambu Type-14) and a sword? Seems cool, doesn’t it? But it has a TON of defects, such as:

The sword would hinder the pistol, making it awkward to fire because it’s on top of it. And mounting the sword on a gun makes it difficult to draw and use in cramped areas. Also, there is no trigger, so how can one fire it!

The pistol would also hinder the sword, because of its weight that makes it difficult to swing it. The design overall is poor and easy to break, with poor power and penetration.

Apache Knuckleduster Revolver

Apache Knuckleduster Revolver

The Apache revolver is a knife, a brass knuckle, and a revolver in one. Seems like the complete package, doesn’t it? Wrong. While the multifunctional tools make for the ultimate defense weapon, it does NOT have a barrel.

So how will you know where the bullet will go? It’s also very unreliable at a short range, making it one of the worst range weapons.

Also, who would want to be bringing a poorly designed revolver that looks like it can pierce your skin when put in your pocket or holster? Better to purchase these weapons individually than an all-in-one feature.

Here’s an interesting video about this weapon:‚Äč



This is one of the smallest weapons one can own, with it firing a 2.7x9mm cartridge. Its range is about two meters. So how will you be able to work with that?

And because of its small bullets, it won’t do much damage to your opponent, ESPECIALLY if he is far away. Not only does it have the shortest and useless range, but being hit by it would feel like you were only stung by a bee.

Sure, it’s small and easily concealed, but it’s definitely not for defending or inflicting pain onto others. It just destroys the use of having a weapon. I would rather invest in a normal-sized weapon that does its job.

In Conclusion

So when you’re looking for a good weapon to keep or use, make sure not to use any of these! Now that you know all about the worst range weapons, why not share your own opinions on the worst guns and weapons to use? I would love to share insight on your thoughts down below.

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