Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews: The Name You Can Count On

​Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews: The Name You Can Count On

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Winchester has built a solid reputation in the gun safe industry.

It is one of the oldest, and was the very first to have products listed in the RSC category by UL safety organization which proves that their safes are tough and secure.

The company offers replacement guarantee for safes damaged by fire or burglar. This shows how confident they are in their products. Since 1866, it has produced a wide range of gun safes, from handguns to tactical.

If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, check out the following reviews as we have included some of their most popular products.


Winchester Gun Safe Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

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BD-5942-36-7-M Win Big Daddy Series

BD-5942-36-7-M Win Big Daddy Series

Gun collectors will find this Winchester safe a worthy investment. It can hold and protect up to 42 long guns. It has a fixed shelf to store additional smaller items. The size alone offers an excellent value for money.

It can withstand heat of up to 1400-degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes. As part of the Big Daddy series, it has a wide body for easy access. Your weapons are secure in this UL listed safe that’s built to be burglary proof.

It is constructed with a 12-gauge steel, auxiliary re-locker, titanium disk lock, external bolts that swing up to 180-degrees, deadbolts, solid steel active and pry-resistance feature.

The door panel provides organized storage for your smaller items as well. For price and features, BD-5942-36-7-M offers good value for your money.

You can be sure of its durability for it is made with high quality materials and designed to keep burglars away.

Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E Gun Safe

Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E Gun Safe

A smaller and more affordable gun safe compared to the Big Daddy, Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E is an excellent option if you only have 24 guns or less.

It features an electronic lock, 1-hour fire protection at 1400-degrees Fahrenheit and a Palusol expandable door seal.

Your guns are protected from fire for the product is designed with fireboard protection in the walls, door and ceiling. It has outer steel hinges that support the inner hinges. Like their other safes, it has a lifetime replacement guarantee in case of fire.

Burglars will have a rough time trying to access your firearms for the safe is built with heat-treated, drill resistant hard plate, titanium disk and auxiliary re-locker that keeps the bolt locked under attack.

It has a total of 12 locking bolts made of solid steel. Five of these are deadlocking and 7 are active. It has anti-pry tabs and is pre-drilled for easy anchoring.

Ranger Deluxe 19-7 is equipped with an electronic lock that offers quicker access compared to dial lock system. The advantage ​is that the doors are designed to store smaller items neatly.

Among the Ranger series, this model is smaller in size and lower in price but in terms of quality, the brand is consistent in providing only top of the line products. 

If you think the size suits your needs and you’re on the lookout for less pricier options, this one is for you.

Bandit 9 2017 Model

Bandit 9 2017 Model

Among the three safes reviewed, this one is the smallest and cheapest. It holds up to 10 guns and protects them from 1400-degrees Fahrenheit heat for up to 45 minutes.

In case of fire, the door seal will expand to up to six times, creating a barrier. If you need a lower capacity safe, you’ll find this product awesome considering its price and features.

The body, strap hinges and locking bolts are made of solid steel for durability. The lock is UL listed and even exceeds DOJ requirements. It has 3 deadlocking and 3 active bolts so there’s no way the door can be opened by a burglar.

It comes with a pre-drilled hole so you can anchor it on the floor and prevent anyone from taking it away.


Winchester has a wide range of products that makes it quite challenging to come up with a choice if you are out to buy. Some of their safes are even identical if they belong to a series.

To avoid confusion, determine your needs and read reliable reviews like this. In terms of size, it is wise to get a slightly bigger one for you’ll never know how many guns you would want to secure in the future.

No matter what your choice, Winchester will not disappoint you, for it only comes up with high quality safes from the best materials. More importantly, all their products are rated fire and burglarproof.

​If you are looking for an alternative brand, then you can’t go wrong with these safes from Liberty​.

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